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The Oriental Magpie Robin

By Stacey Pakula
The Oriental Magpie Robin is a fascinating bird that can be spotted all over the Chiang Mai area, as well as throughout the rest of Thailand. This bird is most common during the morning hours of the day and can be easily spotted on the roadside sitting on a post singing for your enjoyment.

The Oriental Magpie Robin is a fairly small bird, similar in size to a European Blackbird and occupies a similar niche to its estranged relative. The Oriental Magpie Robin can be found in parks, gardens, open land, grasslands and along the forest edge but best of all can be found on your lawn, hopping around flipping its tail around while it forages for invertebrates to snack on.

Fun Facts:
The Magpie Robin is highly territorial and is not scared to put up a fight with any other bird species, including its own!

The Magpie Robin breeds between January and June in Thailand and can be found nesting in tree hollows or small holes in the side of a building!

This bird is the national bird of Bangladesh!

The Magpie Robin is particularly well known for its songs and were once popular as cage birds.

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The Oriental Magpie Robin