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Chiang Mai and Thailand are full of funny, quirky signs and other interesting things. Some that make us laugh, some that make us think and some that just leave us scratching our heads. Oftentimes the wry sense of humor that is so prevalent in Thailand shines through. Readers are invited to send their quirky photos to the Chiang Mai Mail, so next time you see a funny sign or interesting sight, whip out the camera phone and send it to [email protected].

Even Thai people enjoy the funny menus and signs, Noi saw this one in Phuket and had to send it in, noting that he was sure most foreigners would figure out what the menu meant but he was sure glad it was also in Thai.

Ron sent this one in, saying, “I always sock my sock-less feet in the hot water as it flows past while I sip an iced latte!”

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