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Thai Freedom House prepares for move

Lisa Nesser of Free Bird Café is joined by local artist and childen’s charity supporter LiLi Tan at the NAMO fundraising event held on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

By Shana Kongmun
As Thai Freedom House and Free Bird Café prepare to move from their Santitham location to a more auspicious one back inside the moat they have held a series of fundraisers and events to raise the money necessary to make another big move.
NAMO hosted an all-day event featuring yoga lessons, qi gong and meditation classes while Free Bird Café hosted the lunch. The fundraising day raised around 14,000 Baht while an online fundraiser raised a further 103,000 Baht, all of which will go towards funding the move, and furnishing the new building.
Thai Freedom House provides more services and education than many well-funded projects and they do it all with barely any operating costs. For seven years now, seven nights a week they provide free classes in three languages, arts and music education and provide a healthy snack for 30+ students in addition to outreach programs, vocational workshops, field trips and more. They have a community center open every day for children and adults to come and learn how to use computers, read books in several languages, practice their language skills or just relax in a clean, safe environment. They provide a community, a safe place and a chance to make your life better for people who have been disregarded by society.
They have proven in the past, for 7 years with the learning center; Thai Freedom House and 3 years with a charity cafe; Free Bird Cafe, that they have a successful model for recruiting and training volunteers, meeting the needs of students and the larger community. More about Thai Freedom House can be found here: http://www.thaifreedom

Lunch by Free Bird Café was provided for the hungry yoga classes.

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Thai Freedom House prepares for move