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Thailand Black Tarantula

By Stacey Pakula
The Thailand Black Tarantula is a beautiful member of the tarantula species, but it is an Old World tarantula. This means that it does not have urticating hairs to flick at you, so its venom is extra potent and is extremely aggressive. Look at this guy from a distance, but do not touch him! This spider is often seen as a pest but it is actually the opposite: eating small rodents and a variety of insects, it does a lot more good than it does harm!
The Thailand Black Tarantula is a very shy species and spends most of its day hiding out in its underground burrow. Consider yourself lucky if you see this tarantula outside its burrow as it only comes out for an hour or two in the evenings to hunt for food!
Fun Facts:
Males only live two – four years while females can live up to twelve years.
This species can grow up to six inches or fifteen centimetres in length.
The people of Cambodia and the people of North East Thailand like to eat this tarantula.
This spider lays an egg sac with anywhere between 75 and 200 eggs in it.

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Thailand Black Tarantula