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Chiang Mai Mail celebrates 10 years!

Tanin Subhasaen, Governor of Chiang Mai.

I’m very grateful to have seen the growth and the Chiang Mai Mail newspaper which serves as a connection, a reflection and offers guidance in developing Chiang Mai from the creative point of view of foreigners through their newspaper. Chiang Mai Mail was the first English newspaper in Chiang Mai ten years ago and has shown itself to be the newspaper which foreigners use to get the news and survey of Chiang Mai and the North.
Congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail on its tenth birthday! And my wishes that the Chiang Mai Mail and its team will continue to offer the people of Chiang Mai and the foreigners who visit and live here the same great newspaper.

Dr. Iain Corness

Congratulations Chiang Mai Mail!
I was present at your birth and watched as you took those first few faltering steps. I saw you fall over and skin your knees. I saw you rebel against your parents as you strove to be independent. I watched you become more assured and gain your own identity as you learned to stand on your own two feet. Congratulations Shana and all your staff. Chiang Mai Mail has never been forgotten by your “obstetrician”!

Kenneth L. Foster,
U.S. Consul-General in Chiang Mai

Congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail on its tenth anniversary(!), and thanks to Chiang Mai Mail for a decade of bringing important local news and interesting features to Chiang Mai’s English-reading residents and visitors.

Hope Watcharaprecha

On your 10th Year for Chiang Mai’s First English Language Newspaper, Chiang Mai Mail.
To Pratheep S. Malhotra, Shana and the hard-working staff-you all have come a long way for making this paper Best in The North. We all do appreciate your time, efforts, hearts and money put into this little paper of ours.

Apiradee “Oh” Tantivejkul
of JJ Market.

My wishes that your business shall bloom and that your revenues will zoom! Sales volumes will be grow and your customers so satisfied that they grab the newspaper out of your hands! Best wishes to the Chiang Mai Mail.

 Martin Venzky-Stalling TDCI, Chiang Mai Creative City Committee

Through the sharing of local news in the English language, Chiang Mai Mail has made an important contribution to local community building and cultural understanding in Chiang Mai. I wish to congratulate its team on the occassion of the tenth anniversary and the publication a prosperous future.

Kazuo Shibata, Consul-General,
Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang-Mai.

Here’s a blessing kiss for a terrific paper! Chiang-Mai Mail is my favorite and trustworthy friend. Wishing you a Wonderful 10th Anniversary.

Randi Egan, Miguel’s in Nong Hoi.

I would like to express my Congratulations to the “Chiang Mai Mail” on their 10th Anniversary!
I personally look forward to reading the Chiang Mai Mail regularly, as do my customers.  I own Miguel’s Cafe in Nong Hoi and find the paper to be consistent in covering the local news, business achievements, social events and much more! Special Congratulations to the hard work and dedication of Chiang Mai Mail’s Managing Editor; Shana Kongmun! A job well done and appreciated !!

Margaret Bhadungzong

Congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail for completing 10 years successfully in northern Thailand. The contribution to our community has been commendable. The dedication of the writers and staff have been the backbone of its success. Keep up the good work. Wishing Chiang Mai Mail continued success in the years to come.

Tussanai Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality

Congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail, Chiang Mai’s First English Language Newspaper on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary.
Chiang Mai Mail has proven that it plays an important role in not only communicating situations, activities, and other happening in the city for foreigners and tourists, but also addressing various problems to be solved as well as providing useful suggestions to city for further development.
I wish Chiang Mai Mail continued success, progress and prosperity, forever.

Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon, The Podology Center

It was in 2005 when I first had contact with the Chiang Mai Mail. Reporters met me as I was visiting to support a charity project here. The Chiang Mai Mail has been the first newspaper reporting these social activities. In 2008 I settled down and became a resident of Chiang Mai and they covered numerous Pheuanthai events. The Chiang Mai Mail is a part of the society of this city. I hope that we will see the newspaper active and fruitful for many more decades. Happy Birthday Chiang Mai Mail!!!!

Twelve years ago when I was on one of my business trips to Chiang Mai, I met a local businessman who approached me and asked why I hadn’t thought of opening an English language newspaper in Chiang Mai. I was amused and thought that it was a pretty good idea. But seeing as I had my hands full with the Pattaya Mail I wasn’t ready to take on another publishing venture.
Almost 2 years later, on another one of my trips up north, I chanced upon an old friend who brought up the subject again. I said that if he was willing to jump on board I’d do it. As fate would have it, he said “yes”. So together with our team of faithful editors and writers we formed an administrative team and launched the first issue of the Chiang Mai Mail on 26 October 2002.
The Chiang Mai Mail has been through many ups and downs in the past 10 years. We might say, more downs than ups, but we did manage to come through the obstacles albeit with a few cuts and bruises.
I am so happy to say that now with Shana Kongmun at the helm as Managing Editor and Nopniwat Krailerg as Editor; we’re seeing a resurgence of interest and enthusiasm for our paper in the Chiang Mai community. You all are showing tremendous support for ‘your’ English language newspaper. For that I am truly thankful.
We are here for you and pray that you are here for us too. Together we can work for the good and progress of our community and see Chiang Mai reclaim and retain our reputation as the most desirable destination for short-term local and foreign visitors as well as for long-term residents who have made Chiang Mai and the north their home.
Pratheep S. Malhotra
MD Chiang Mai Mail

The Olde Bell,
British Pub.

Congratulations to the Chiang Mai Mail upon reaching your 10th Anniversary!
You remain one of the principal sources of News in town and we’d be lost without you. Best Wishes from us all at

Joy Huss and the Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach kids

Congratulations to Shana Kongmun, and to everyone at Chiang Mai Mail, on your 10th anniversary of publication. We at ‘Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach” admire your commitment to help bring change and awareness to your readers about the welfare of street and temple dogs in Chiang Mai. With gratitude and appreciation, we look forward to another decade of continued coverage of stories, events, issues, individuals and institutions shaping animal welfare in our community.

Payap University congratulates Chiang Mai Mail on 10 years of service to the community with their coverage of local news and events. Best wishes to your future endeavors in the next 10 years.

Congratulations to Chiang Mai Mail on your 10th anniversary. I look forward to the continuing enjoyment of quality print and online Chiang Mai Mail editions keeping the Chiang Mai community informed and connected to all the diverse aspects that make up our wonderful home town of choice.
Annette Kunagigon, Vol. Rep. to the Irish Consul, Bangkok. President Skal International – Chiang Mai & North Thailand Club. Chiang Mai Goodwill Ambassador. Business woman. Mother

Woravit Rattanakit, Art Relief International

For the past decade, the staff at Chiang Mai Mail have been bringing our community’s issues, people and events into light. Now, on their tenth anniversary, it is time to put Chiang Mai Mail in the spotlight. From all of the staff and volunteers at Cultural Canvas Thailand and Art Relief International, we thank you for your support, and wish you nothing but the best in the future.


Kritkamol Sirichokpisarn President of Chiang Mai Reporter Association

Congratulations to Chiang Mai Mail on their 10th anniversary and for offering news of interest for both residents and foreigners.

Montri Wongkasem, Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce/Office Plus

With your serious efforts and sincere dedication, you were sure to succeed. I wish you a hearty Congratulations on this pleasant occasion and wish you all the best for your future. Well done. May you always keep up the good work.

Roj Tuvanalin , Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium.

We at the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium join the Chiang Mai Mail in celebrating 10 years and thank them for the stories on the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium. We congratulate and wish them a long life in Chiang Mai as well.

Sangob Foundation fundraiser held at the Spirit House

Paul Schoenkopf (far left) of the Dining Out Group, is joined by friends at the fundraising dinner held at the Spirit House on October 6.

By Shana Kongmun
The Sangob Foundation works to teach villagers and children on sustainable agriculture using permaculture methods. They held a fundraiser at the Spirit House on Saturday October 6, 2012 to raise funds to further several projects.
Project Manager Laurent Chiarelli reported that the traditional Lanna evening with musicians performing classic songs for the dinner guests saw about 40 people which earned enough money to accomplish the first two phases of their next school project.
This project will start on November 12, 2012 in the Karen minority school of Baan Chaem Luang, near Wat Chan. The school hosts about 300 students (primary and secondary levels) while 36 of them reside in their boarding school.
The main goal of the project is to eventually provide the children with daily organic free food that they learned how to plant and take care of, the permaculture way. At the same time, the Foundation hopes that the school will act as a role model within the community, spreading permaculture knowledge in their families, neighbors and friends.
These “Permaculture Impact” school projects are divided into 3 phases: the first one is about composting (E.M., compost tea, worm bins, pests etc), the second phase is about planting vegetables and herbs (through designing beneficial guilds and raised beds) and the final phase is about creating a mini eco-system/food forest including fruit trees, bushes, timber trees, flowers, as well as a pair of ducks/chicken/pigs and fish.
All seeds, trees, animals, tools and material necessary for the project are fully donated by the Sangob Foundation. More info at www.

Laurent Chiarelli (right), Project Manager for the Sangob Foundation, is joined by fellow health and agriculture enthusiast Wouter Van der Stichel.

Linda and Chai (far left and far right) Santitharangkul join the owner of the Spirit House, Steve whose charmingly decorated restaurant hosted the event.

Traditional Lanna performances entertained the guests to the Lanna Charity Fundraising Dinner held by the Sangob Foundation.

In “art” iculate! Art Relief International’s latest exhibition

Woravit Rattanakit (Wad) Executive Director, is joined by volunteers and staff at the exhibit opening.

By Shana Kongmun
Art Relief International is a small group of dedicated volunteers and staff who visit various children’s organizations around Chiang Mai in a bid to help disadvantaged or disabled kids find their voices through art.

Severely disabled kids can still express themselves by painting these stencils of their faces.

From the kids with cerebral palsy who paint with their feet and find delight in seeing the visions in their minds come to life on paper, to the street kids who express their dreams and fears in picture, Art Relief makes sure kids aren’t inarticulate after all.
They held an exhibition opening and fund raiser at the Meeting Room on Chareonrat Road on Friday, October 12, 2012 which saw not only many guests and visitors but also the kids from Thai Freedom House, many of whom are displaced young Burmese kids, who also contributed to the art on the walls as well as adding to the party atmosphere of the school.
The exhibition features prints, watercolors, etchings, stencils and more, as the kids give rise to their creativity and learn to express themselves with art. Art is available for sale, as are really adorable greeting cards, t-shirts and bags. The exhibiton will be on dislay at the Meeting Room until the end of October so next time you drive down the river, cross over and visit the Meeting Room.

Visitors dropped in and enjoyed the art on display, here a quilt made by some students is on display.

Staff from Art Relief International are joined by the kids of Thai Freedom House whose presence added to the festive atmosphere.

Time to get fit? Absolutely!

Michelle and the fitness trainers have a bit of fun at the start.

By Shana Kongmun
Krin Promwanna or Ong as he is more popularly known, is expanding his empire. He said he wants to make you look beautiful all over, not just beautiful hair at Absolute Hair or beautiful skin at Absolute Skincare but Absolutely fit and healthy in his latest partnership with exercise guru extraordinaire Michelle Ring.
They held a grand opening for the newest Absolute Bootcamp on Friday, October 5, 2012 on Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 which saw not only a lot of fit trainers but fun and games for friends and guests. Including Lulu demolishing one of the trainers in a sit-up completion! Although most of the other competitions against trainers saw the trainers winning handily.
The afternoon and evening saw a steady stream of guests and well-wishers come through, some brave souls trying out the body measuring device that tells you your body’s physical age (I said only if nobody else could look at the results!) while others gave the hula hoop a try, usually for the first time in many, many years.
Absolute Bootcamp Fitness is offering hard core full week packages for those are really serious about an intensive lifestyle changing camp. Then there is a weekend package for those who want a kickstart to their exercise regime and finally a mid-week bootcamp course in the mornings at 70 Years Stadium for those who want a more gradual yet longer term fitness regime.
Michelle said, “We want people to learn how to exercise out of doors. Everyone gets in their car or motorbike and drives to the gym where they exercise indoors on machines.” Absolute wants to teach you not only how to exercise but how to do it without all the equipment.
For more information, and if you are serious about getting fit go to wwww.

Michelle is joined by Jonas Dept, one of her protégés in fitness.

Sally Golding managed to twirl the hula hoop after a few tries and more than few years!

Lulu showed off her fitness by beating the trainer handily in sit-ups.

Ann Fink, one of the yoga instructors, joins Ong and friends for the evening.

Michelle and Ong are joined by good friends at the opening event including the owner of the Rachamankha Hotel, K Rooj Changtrakul.

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Chiang Mai Mail celebrates 10 years!

Sangob Foundation fundraiser held at the Spirit House

In “art” iculate! Art Relief International’s latest exhibition

Time to get fit? Absolutely!