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Three Little Pigs

By Christopher Sujarit
Three Little Pigs isn’t messing around. This Southern food joint celebrates hearty portions of savory, honest, restaurant- caliber homestyle meals and treats. The food is large, in- charge, and on-point delicious.
Everyday Richard- the Santa Claus looking guy who also owns El Diablo- smokes and bbqs partial sides of meat in his outdoor barbecue. Everything else is made to order from scratch, which means a wait of 20 minutes is typical. That’s enough time to get your stomach juices flowing in glorious anticipation of the disparity between the size of your eyes and mouth. Get ready, it’s gonna be good!
First of all, the Gumbo was simply delectable. Who knew Duck and Shrimp were such good friends? The large shrimps and juicy cuts of duck were generously brought to their fullest potential with a good balance of green onion, cayenne powder, and other cajun spices. If you bring a Thai friend or if you’re an expat gone native, this will be the most familiar as it is full- flavored, served family style fit for two hungry people or more, and is comforting without being grossly heavy. The Gumbo was definitely a surprise hit.
If you order your food entree style, you are given a choice of two large sides (a la fond memories of Denny’s). We ordered the Fried Okra and the Fried Green Tomatoes... it’s basically that married couple that is so happy in love that you want to fry them in a huge vat of oil. After eating my first bite of the Fried Okra, I knew I had already had a great night. The tomatoes were very nice, but are tamer in comparison to ones back home. The two sides are as large as the main dish of an entree, which will satisfy the variety lover in anyone.
Three Little Pigs’ Biscuits and Gravy were great, and almost took me back “home.” The biscuits seem to be baked, topped with gravy, then baked again to give the plate more cohesion, and to paint the whole platter with more consistent gluttony. Magically, the biscuits and gravy do not overwhelm or make each other soggy or dry, respectively. What is Three Little Pigs’ secret? Who knows, dig in!
And because there really is no other way, we shared a Pulled- Pork BBQ Sandwich. The sandwich came with spicy slaw (excellente), a pickle, and another surprise hit: black beans baked with mango sauce. Cultural synergy without pandering to fusion. It’s like the mango has always been best friends with the bean. I will eat to that! The Pulled- Pork BBQ ate like a super version of a sloppy joe, with grilled onion bits, cajun spices, juicy slivers of pork all in between artisanal ciabatta- like burger buns.
All this came out to around 400THB between two people. When I got the bill, I had to raise the roof for money very well spent. Here’s to hoping this restaurant is made of bricks and is a lasting institution that can withstand the blows of any big bad wolf that dare comes its way. Three Little Pigs should be here to stay.
Three Little Pigs is on 242 Manee Nopparat, on the North Moat Road on the left if heading from Huay Kaew before North Gate. 08 5236 8237. Open 11am to 11pm, Tuesday to Sunday.



Kanom Niab (some people call it Kanom Jock)

When I was a little boy, the Buddhist holy day was a day that all children kept looking forward for. Not because we wanted to go to temple but our parents always cooked special food and sweets for us and brought to temple. 15 years ago, there were just only 2 shops in my village; snacks for children was as rare as money to our parents.
Real Thai sweets only need 3 main ingredients with a few steps for cooking.
These are the 3 ingredients for Kanom Niab
Glutinous rice flour
Shredded coconut
First of all stir fry shredded coconut with sugar and leave it to cool down, then we need to mix the flour with water into a paste. Stuff coconut in the flour and wrap with banana leaf. Steam for 30 minutes.
Tip : If we make too many Kanom Niab we can unwrap and dry them in the sun. Once dried, deep fry. Yum Yum!

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