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New CMU President takes office

Nopniwat Krailerg
The appointment by HM the King of Associate Professor Dr. Niwet Nantajit, as the new President of Chiang Mai University was recently announced by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niwet Nantajit will take over as the President of Chiang Mai University on November 12, 2012.

The current President, Professor Dr. Pongsak Angkasit reaches the end of his term and the new President will take his position on November 12, 2012.

Dr. Niwet, currently the Dean of Medicine for CMU, graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from CMU in 1974 and was certified in Hospital Administration at the National University of Singapore as well as received a degree in management from the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA).

CMIS performs “Harvey’

Is anybody really sane?!

Tabitha S. (Nurse Ruthie Kelly) and Joel Van Dorp (Dr. Lyman Sanderson) in rehearsal for their upcoming production of Harvey.

By Cathy Gravitis
That is the question that the Theatre Production and Performance Class at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) address in their first drama of the season, “Harvey.” “Harvey” is a comedy and Broadway classic that was written by Mary Chase in 1944.”Harvey” is the story of a bachelor, Elwood who claims that his best friend Harvey is a 6-foot rabbit, a “pooka” that nobody else can see. Elwood’s sister, Veta believing him to be out of his mind decides to have him committed to a sanitarium. The confusion that unfolds on arrival at the sanitarium causes the doctor to commit Veta rather than Elwood. “Harvey” examines our perceptions of reality and what it means to be truly sane.
The Director of “Harvey,” CMIS’ very own Theatre Arts teacher, and the Director of the Chiang Mai Gate Theatre, Mr. Stephan Turner is a man committed to creating opportunities for young actors here in Chiang Mai. The Theatre Production and Performance class at CMIS seeks to give students personal experience of what it’s like to be a part of an organised theatre production team. They have the benefit of learning acting skills, they experience the complexity and time investment necessary in the rehearsal and performance process, have the opportunity to work as assistant directors, and get to dapple in the technical aspects of theatre such as lighting and sound design. Several of CMIS’ Theatre Arts Students have gone on to perform with the Chiang Mai Gate Theatre.
The student cast of “Harvey,” are loving the challenge of performing the difficult genre of comedy. Difficult in the sense of remaining “in character,” no matter how funny the line or how big the laugh from the audience. All of the characters are highly developed, hilarious, and “larger than life.” Together they create explosive chemistry on stage that you won’t want to miss!
Nov 16th: 10am and 7pm and Nov 17th: 1pm and 7pm at the CMIS auditorium. Tickets are available from the CMIS office or at the door. Ticket prices: students - 100 baht, adults - 200 baht. Contact Mr Stephan Turner [email protected].

Joel Van Dorp (Dr. Lyman Sanderson) and Samuel Ridgley (Dr. William Chumley) rehearsing for Harvey which will be performed at CMIS on November 16 and 17.

Michelin-starred chef visits Prem’s Young Chefs

Michelin 2 star chef Ciaran Condrom of L’Autre Pied, visited Prem to work with the Young Chefs program there

Prem’s Young Chefs group - our food-enthused Boarding students - continued its culinary adventures through Term 1 polishing their skills in the lead-up to Term Two’s final cookbook grand finale.
An exciting day of patisserie know-how was presented to the young Prem chefs during a surprise visit to the school in September by Michelin 2-starred chef Ciaran Condron from the “L’autre Pied”, and by the supremo event caterer Stuart Shaw, who had recently been engaged by Britain’s Summer Olympics.
A delicious chocolate raspberry roulade was the master chefs’ pastry selection of the day. With its delicious ingredients, accompanied by its French feel, the roulade was a sophisticated dish for our young participants to create. To complement the stylish dessert, the children learned to prepare spun sugar to be drizzled over the top or used as side decorations to their creations.
Young Chefs is not a completion; it is a cooking discovery course designed to be fun and experimental. David Buck, the founder and instructor of Young Chefs, awarded Rigpi’s roulade the day’s “tasty” prize for best moisture, texture and presentation.
The grand finale will come at Christmas-time when the young chefs will create their very own three-course menu. All participants are winners, as their final creations to be published together in the first edition of Prem’s very own cookbook.

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New CMU President takes office

CMIS performs “Harvey’

Michelin-starred chef visits Prem’s Young Chefs