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Everybody deserves a second chance!

Hello, my name is Linji and I am about two years old and of medium size. I have a really pretty soft coat and am very friendly and playful. I get along with dogs and people so well, wait and see what a cheerful girl I am. The only tiny flaw that I currently bring along is that I like to dig and have fun in the garden. But this is not so unusual for a doggie, is it? Still, somebody thought that this was reason enough to poison me. But luckily I was saved from this fate and now I am very eager to find someone with the patience and time to work with me and give me the attention I need. A house with a closed-in garden and a caring owner who won’t let me wonder off would be just perfect for me! Will you be the one who will give me a second chance? If interested then please call the Care for Dogs shelter on 0847 52 52 55 (English), 0869 13 87 01 (Thai) or visit for further information. Hope to see you soon.

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Everybody deserves a second chance!