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Labor and Immigration Law Information Forum

By Wouter van der Stichel
The Employment office of Chiang Mai under the guidance of Ruchuchai Potha organized an information forum about labor and immigration laws and requirements held at the Christian Outreach Centre Foundation Chiang Mai on 15 November 2012. Representatives of the Immigration Department were Pol. Capt. Chutinut Na Lampang and Pol. Sub.Lt Adirek Saojarem. For the Employment Office the speaker was Khun Jaranya Sugandhajati. The event started at 8 30 AM, attracting a crowd of 225 people.
After the brief presentations from the Immigration Office and Employment Office respectively, regarding standard procedures and requirements, and the floor was given to questions. The complexity of some questions also didn’t allow for an immediate response. It was therefore decided to set up 2 Facebook pages where all questions will be answered anonymously and in writing.
SUBHEAD: Tips from Immigration:
Always keep a full copy of your most recent passport status; this can facilitate transfer of information when you lose your original passport.
Make an appointment upfront and queue online through the website www.
The door of the immigration office opens at 8 AM, you can take a plastic queue card and wait for your number to be called when the queue machine is started. The queue book which used to be there is no longer used or valid.
If there are a minimum of 30 applicants to be serviced at a location anywhere in Chiang Mai, Lamphun or Lampang, the Immigration Department can do an outdoor service at a location of your choice. Please submit a written request to the Immigration Office to obtain this service.

Tips from the Employment Office:

A pension is available to foreigners who are working and paying taxes in Thailand, provided that your employer has filed a request for this with the appropriate social services. Make sure to check this with your employer.
When multiple employers are added to your work permit, make sure to check with the Immigration Department regarding your visa extension next year, as they can tell you which one of your employers needs to provide you with the supporting documents. This is applicable especially to cases where a paid employment is added to a volunteer visa. When an extension is requested, the visa class will change from a Non Immigrant O to a Non Immigrant B and the supporting documentation will have to come from the company that is paying you, no longer from the initial NGO.
Please contact the Employment Office for any questions on 053 112744 ext. 19 to 20, until 6PM.
The local government offices do not hold any power regarding changing the law. At best they can send their advice through to the central government, which they do on a regular basis, keeping in mind the multiple questions and feedback they receive from the foreign community on events such as this one.

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Labor and Immigration Law Information Forum