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Honouring HM the King

By Wouter van der Stichel
When I moved to Thailand, now a good 2 years ago, I had no idea what I was going to do here. My initial plan was to travel South East Asia, see the world, eventually return to my home country and start the rat race once more. It didn’t quite turn out that way. I loved the laid back atmosphere of Chiang Mai so much that I soon settled in and started looking for something to do, to be of service to the community. So when I was asked by my good friend Jaroonroat Krasaesuk, aka Khun Tom by most people, to become a part of the Helping Hand team I didn’t hesitate for a single second. Helping Hand is a radio program from the National Broadcasting Station of Thailand, the official media outlet for the Public Relations Department. The goal of the radio show is to expose Thai nationals to English language and by extension to enhance their exposure to the spoken word in a foreign language. We also promote engaging in the show in this way enabling Thai nationals to practice conversation through telephone and information provided on our Facebook page Helpinhandradio Chiangmai. Another crucial part of our shows are the music requests and important news items, activities and events going on, especially in the 17 Northern provinces of Thailand.
Soon after my initial radio initiative I was requested to participate in the organization of a live broadcast forum about employment and immigration law, with representatives of both departments in Chiang Mai and a live audience full of questions. Everything went well, so the effort was repeated this year at the COC Thailand, for a crowd of no less than 225 people. Again a multitude of questions came forward, too many to answer in one session, so arrangements are being made to present these questions with answers on two Facebook pages, one Friends of CM Immigration, the other Friend of CM Labor Department.
Through my continued cooperation with Khun Tom and the people in charge at the Labor Department, with great thanks to Khun Ruchuchai Potha for all his time and initiatives, further arrangements were made to create more events involving the foreign community in Chiang Mai.
The latest of these, but certainly not the last, will be held on the 3rd of December 2012. The International We Love the King Club in cooperation with The Employment Office Chiang Mai is organizing a parade to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand on the 5th of December 2012. We would like to invite representatives from all nationalities living in Thailand to represent their countries at this parade, held at the Royal Flora Rachapruek Park. Everybody will assemble at the entrance to the park at 4 30PM. The parade will move from the entrance at 5 PM, walking to the memorial hall inside the park. When the parade reaches its destination gifts of honor will be given, followed by the national anthem, lighting of the candle and short speeches by national representatives. Entertainment is provided under the form of traditional dance and music, as well as several performances from the international community and students from international schools.
Please join us for this auspicious event, if you join the parade entrance to the park is free, providing you with an opportunity to not only honor the King, but also to admire the floral exposition starting on the 1st of December. Bring your national flag (80 by 120 cm for presentation on the stage) and proudly wear your national dress if you can. For more information about this event, don’t hesitate to contact Khun Kibb at the Employment Office through her email, kibbjaranya

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Honouring HM the King