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Bambi – small and so, so cute

This is our new addition to the shelter, Bambi. Sadly her previous owners decided they no longer had a place for her in their life which is so difficult to understand as Bambi is indeed a delightful and happy soul who adapts so easily to her surroundings and makes everybody around her smile. Bambi is a young female of small size, she is sterilized and vaccinated and has a beautiful soft fur which makes you want to cuddle her even more. Due to her smaller size and her friendly and peaceful character she sometimes does get bullied at the shelter, therefore we hope that Bambi will be lucky to find a new and permanent and loving home very soon. Will you be the one who will make Bambi’s New Year start with her wish come true? Come and see for yourself how lovely our little girl is. For further information please contact the shelter on 08 47 52 52 55 (English) or 08 69 13 87 01 (Thai).

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Bambi – small and so, so cute