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The Asian Leaf Turtle

By Stacey Pakula
The Brown Stream Terrapinis also commonly referred to as the Asian Leaf Turtle. This turtle can be identified by its rounded carapace or shell and can grow to be about 10 inches (25cm) in length.
The Brown Stream Terrapin can be found in almost any pond or river around Thailand, but tend to avoid anything that moves too quickly as this species of turtle is not a very strong swimmer and it would much rather walk freely along the bottom of a body of water than have to swim through it. Adults tend to spend most of their time at night on land and move to the water during the day when it is much hotter outside.
Fun Facts:
The Brown Stream Terrapin is a true omnivore, eating both sources of meat such as frogs or fish as well as eating fruit and vegetation.
The shell of this turtle has jagged edges on the back to help defend itself from becoming a tasty snack to a predator!
Part of the turtle’s generic name is “Cyclemys” which means circle turtle.
The Vietnamese Leaf Turtle is a close relative of the Asian Leaf Turtle and both are often mistaken for one another!

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Peek-a-boo I see you!