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Another fine concert by the 6 hands pianists

Lanna Cummins sang to a lovely Thai song arranged for six hands on the piano by Matthieu Normand.

By Shana Kongmun
Nicolas Collinet, Jonas Dept, and Matthieu Normand never fail to keep their audience enthralled by their 6 hands performance and once again, they kept the audience at the CMU Art Museum Theater enthralled for the duration of what seemed a short performance but was actually fairly long. The boys took turns at their places on the piano as well as performing solo pieces so that their skill could shine through. Lanna Cummins stepped in for a wonderful performance of a beautiful Thai song about a mother and her daughter that had most of the Thai audience tearing up a little.
The event was well attended by music aficionados, friends and fans and saw the wonderful photos of joint organizer Marisa Marchitelli as an ever changing and beautiful backdrop. We can only hope that they come again next year so that the wonderful and complex sounds of six hands on one piano will be heard by more.

Event organizers Donjai Srivichainanda (far right) and Marisa Marchitelli (2nd left) of M & M Productions are joined by Virginia Bird and her friend.

Gail Lewis and Shari Jean Brown were looking forward to the show.

Scott Taylor and Martin Venzky-Stalling join organizer Marisa Marchitelli of M & M Productions to talk about the show’s program.

Matthieu Normand in a stunning solo performance.

Shwaas Fusion Band brings Indian classical, modern and jazz

Concert at Royal Park Rajapruek

The Shwaas Fusion Band is out of New Delhi and prominently features two traditional flutists.

By Shana Kongmun
The Indian Consul General, Dhirendra Singh Garbyal and the Indian Consulate have brought yet another excellent performance to Chiang Mai with the introduction of the Shwaas Fusion Band, a unique mix of traditional Indian music from all regions of India together with jazz, folk and blues. Headed by Rajesh Prasanna from New Delhi the band consists of two traditional flutists, backed by a fabulous tabla player, as well as more modern synthesizer, bass guitar and western drums. Add in the wonderful vocal stylings of the male and female singers and the audience was enthralled. Most enthralling, however, had to be the tabla player’s back and forth duet that had the audience amazed. Several tradiditional songs were also sung, including one that I wasn’t even sure was a language at all, it reminded me of the scat singing style of Ella Fitzgerald, so I asked my friend Vanita and she explained it’s a very old traditional style of singing in India.
The show was, as could be expected from a band that is huge in India, fantastic in a genre that is also quite big. The Indian Consul hopes to continue the trend of bringing cultural performers to Chiang Mai and I encourage it!

President of the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Honorary Consul Narong Kongprasert, Indian Consul Dhirendra Singh Garbyal and Special Advisor to the Governor Maj. Gen. Bhumiphat Chawiphat enjoyed the music greatly.

Indian Consul Dhirendra Singh Garbyal and his lovely wife Kalpana join members of the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce and Special Advisor to the Governor Maj. Gen. Bhumiphat Chawiphat (3rd left) and Narong Kongprasert, President of the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce (2nd left) after the show.

Kasetsart Rajapruek Symphony in charity concert at Royal Rajapruek

Lanna style performance by Khru Aed Phanuthat.

By Nopniwat Krailerg
The beautiful backdrop of Royal Rajapruek Park was the setting for a magical performance by the Kasetsart Rajapruek Symphony on January 19, 2013.
Organized by the Kasetsart University Alumni Association Northern chapter, the event was held to raise funds for the activities of the alumni association and to show off the talents of Kasetsart University students in the Kasetsart University Wind Symphony or KU WIND, one of the first wind orchestras in Thailand. They have performed extensively domestically and internationally.
A beautiful Lanna style opening entertained the crowd and then awards were presented to 6 outstanding alumni in various departments and accepted funds for constructing an office for the association.
The show featured such famous singers as Thipawan Pinphiban, Mister Ko Zacman, Khru Aed Phanuthat, Yaowapha Hoisangwan, Taechin Chayuti. Many attendees got up and danced during the concert.
Kasetsart Rajapruek Symphony was organized to promote tourism and the symphony concert will promote cooperation between alumni of Kasetsart University, northern region and northern LAOs, since they have the same responsibilities to push Chiang Mai as the center of tourism of the country.

Some of the outstanding alumni award recepients.

Kasetsart University Wind Symphony performing before the crowd.

Kasetsart University students hoist the university’s flag and symbol.

Kasetsart University students sing favorite songs.

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Another fine concert by the 6 hands pianists

Shwaas Fusion Band brings Indian classical, modern and jazz

Kasetsart Rajapruek Symphony in charity concert at Royal Rajapruek