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Noise pollution!

Dear Editor,
Now it is 3:17 a.m. I just had a coffee on my terrace overlooking the Nimmanhaemin area. Behind me was my flat and beyond that the Infinity nightclub from where I could hear rhythmic thumping noises from a loudspeaker.
Hundreds of residents in the expensive Punna and Unique blocks of flats nor in the student accommodation along Sukassem Rd are not protected from the noise. Nothing but air separates them from the ceaseless noise.
Residents have complained for years about the noise from pubs such as Infinity and inside the building the sound level must surely be well above the legal limit. Yes there is a legal limit for noise exposure, the head of the traffic police said as much at a meeting of the Nimmanhaemin group last year. Successive Governors of Chiang Mai have recognized the problem but have failed to have the police enforce either the law about pub closing times or about noise levels.
The last governor even went so far as to convene a meeting with Mr Prasert who owns the land where Infinity and Tawan Daeng are built, the police and the owner of Infinity which produced a “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by all parties. But nothing has changed and the noise goes on. The police can be called but that does no good.
Publicity in City Life some years back had no effect.
Is there anything you can suggest which may bring this illegal activity to an end so that workers in the pubs are not exposed to continuous noise that leaves them partly deaf and allow residents to get a good night’s sleep?
It’s now 3:35 am. From Infinity there is no light and the noise appears to have stopped. All I can hear is the whirring of the fan of my computer and a faint persistent ringing in my ears. Maybe now I can sleep.
Sleepless in Chiang Mai

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Noise pollution!

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