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Now what do I do?
Dear Emma,
I know this story is as old as the hills, or rather as old as foreigners have been falling in love with Thai women but I met a woman and we fell in love. Or maybe I fell in love and she did not as now she is no longer interested in me. We had talked marriage someday but now she seems to be losing interest. Often when I call she tells me she does not have any time and sometimes doesn’t pick up the phone. We don’t see each other as often as before and when we do she is always distracted and distant.
I know that many people will say I am a fool and that if she is making excuses and has no time for me then I should just dump her and find a new woman. Many of the guys that come here seem to view women as being disposable, or maybe just like a car. The old one breaks down, go buy a new one. I don’t feel that way. I love this woman, not because she’s young or pretty or Asian but because of the person she is. Or maybe it’s the person I thought she was.
What can I do to bring her back to me? I don’t want to lose her.
Dear Heartbroken,
First of all, are you sure she has lost interest, perhaps she is just busy. Oftentimes, when a woman says she is busy it simply means she is busy. We all have lives to lead and they don’t always revolve around our man.
However, if you are certain that is not it then you need to accept the hard, cold fact that like in many relationships (Emma confesses to one herself) you love her more than she loves you. Sadly, love is not always reciprocated. If it is not you cannot make her love you. Certainly you can push her into continuing the relationship but then it would be a sham and you would always know, in the back of your head, that the love is not real. Can you live with that? Most cannot.
I would suggest you tell her how you feel and if the disinterested feeling continues break it off completely. Do not hang on trying to fix things, it will only make your heart even more broken.

Thai soap operas
Dear Emma,
I am at my wits end. My lovely wife of 7 years has become addicted to the soap operas on TV. I can hardly stand it anymore, she must get back in time for her favorite shows and monopolizes the TV with them. I considered buying a second TV just so I could watch my own but then she has the volume turned up quite high and all the shrieking and screaming that goes on in these shows makes it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything else.
She tells me I am overreacting but it has cut into our social life and into our relationship with each other as she is so fixated on these shows. To be fair, she does not watch all of them but there are at least three shows that she MUST watch. We cannot go out when these shows are on, dinner is delayed for her to finish.
Some of these shows are quire disturbing too, with quite a bit of violence and even rapes. My wife has even started shrieking and throwing temper tantrums like some of the characters in her favorite shows. What do I do short of blowing the TV up?
At my wits end
Dear Wits,
Blow the TV up. She will go to a friend’s house to watch the shows but then at least you will have some peace and quiet. Alternatively, go out on your own. Come home late. Have a few drinks. Enjoy yourself. She probably won’t even notice.
However, take heart, Thai soap operas have a start and an end unlike the serial shows in the U.K. and the U.S. So, one day her show will be over and you might have a few days to rekindle your relationship.

Girlie talk
Dear Emma,
I know there is this misconception that there is not a large farang woman population in Thailand but I have found that Chiang Mai defies that notion. I have quite a few women friends and we often go out and have a nice chat, dinner and a few drinks. Sadly, some farang men seem to feel that this invades their space somehow and feel it is within their rights to cast withering glances at us. This is really quite rude, we are not doing anything wrong, we are not drunk and disorderly, we are just enjoying ourselves. I doubt he would cast the same looks at a group of Thai women doing the same thing. So, to those men I would like to say, “You do not own Thailand. I have just as much right to be here as you do and if you don’t like it go somewhere else.”
Fed up with rude men
Dear Fed up,
Ignore them dear, they are only making their own lives miserable and should be as important to you as the bit of dirt you may have on your shoe. Brush it off and forget about it.