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African Albino Crested Porcupine

Two rare albino African pygmy hedgehogs gave birth to another baby albino hedgehog on February 9, 2013 out of a litter of four, here, CEO Sarawut Srisakun shows off the newest member of the Night Safari family. The public has been invited to help name the rare new baby.
The African Albino Crested Porcupine, scientific name Hystrix cristata, has white hair and red or pink eyes, they can measure from 60-83 cm long and weigh from 13-27 kg. These nocturnal animals live on land, they seldom climb trees but can swim. Almost the entire body is covered in bristles and they are distinguished by the quills along their head, nape and back. These can be raised into a crest. They have sturdier quills along their bodies which are used for defense. The African crested porcupine originates in North African and Italy and is extremely rare in Thailand with albinos being even rarer.

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African Albino Crested Porcupine