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There is always room for more cheese!

The Mexican Grill serves Tex-Mex

By Christopher Sujarit
“Sometimes you can’t reinvent the wheel,” my friend Andrew propounded, as he ate the last bite of his Chicken Chimichanga from The Mexican Grill, the newest restaurant of its kind off of Canal Road. We all know that Mexicans are the first people to invent really awesome comfort food, and The Mexican Grill is carrying on the tradition in the best of fried faith.
Salsa Kitchen, El Diablo’s, and Miguel’s in Chiang Mai all serve great Mexican food- honest, exciting, A+ gold stars delicious, and much better than any of Bangkok’s offerings. How does The Mexican Grill stack up against its comrades?
The Mexican Grill offers you a chance to completely bypass crowds, traffic, and tourists in stunningly san souci style. Let your hair down from your helmet and give the ta-ta to Rin Kham and the Moat. Located just south of Suthep Road off of Canal Road (Route 121), The Mexican Grill will have you doing the “praise the lord no crazy songtaews” dance all the way to dinner, nearly traffic light- free.
For dinner, Andrew and I started with the Tortilla Soup, which was the surprise standout of the whole meal. The Mexican Grill graciously filled the delicious, piping hot soup with glorious amounts of melted cheese. Please sir, I’d love some more.
Next, we ate the “East Los Angeles Burrito,” basically an Enchilada using a burrito tortilla. The first thing I noticed is the salsa, which was seasoned perfectly- something I can’t accomplish in my own kitchen. Also, the Fajita Marinated Pork Strips inside the burrito tasted fresh and moist, as if it were both steamed and grilled. The burrito filling tasted both slightly charred and garden fresh at the same time, with each ingredient holding its own.
As for the Chicken Chimichanga, it is a deep- fried burrito (I can hear my stomach grumbling right now). Deep, fried, burrito. Two flour tortillas are filled with chicken, rice, beans, olives, deep fried then topped with enchilada sauce, cheese, and pico de gallo. Make sure to ask for extra cheese, and I’m sure they’ll oblige. Sometimes you can’t reinvent the wheel, but there’s always room for more cheese.
As if life couldn’t get any better, The Mexican grill serves each beverage with an ice- frosted glass! Do you know what this means? Your beer stays cold without adulterating it with ice! Ice, frosted, glasses.
The owner of The Mexican Grill hails from southern Texas around Corpus Christi, which is directly on the border of Mexico. He used to set up shop in Pai, but chose to relocate to Chiang Mai for the convenience and excellent business environment. After our meal, he took time to sit down with me and talk about Mexican food, being an expat in Thailand, and his appreciation of the cultures of southern Texas. He also chooses excellent music for The Mexican Grill- oldies, soul, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other excellent throwbacks.
Hasta la vista… I’ll be back to try the Frozen Margaritas and Fajitas, and to swim again in the Tortilla Soup. Muy sabrosa!
The Mexican Grill, 500m south of Suthep Road on Canal, opposite the PTT Station. 053- 020- 161, 086- 316, 5369


RECIPES BY NOI: Kang Phak Plang with fermented pork

In the old days when a woman would have difficulty giving birth a midwife would mash up the Phak Plang and take the jelly-like water to use on the birth canal. It is also good for people with digestive system problems.
Actually there will be a lot of Phak Plang in rainy season because it likes rain but during summer it gives more flowers than leaves. I’ve never tried to stir fry it, many people have told me to try it but I’m a little conservative and stick to what my grandparents did.
My grandparents would make a curry with fermented pork and add a little bit of kaffir lime leaves.
Take your standard chili paste containing fresh chili, garlic, shallots, salt and shrimp paste and add in hot boiling water. Then add the Phak Plang, it needs a few minutes to cook and at the last minute add the fermented pork. After removing it from the heat add the kaffir lime juice and maybe a little bit of salt.
Some people like to use dry fish instead of fermented pork. The Chiang Rai recipe will not add tomato like Chiang Mai people do.
Highly recommended for dinner.

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