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Thanks for the rain!

But while I am at it, can you make it a bit less dirty?

By Heather Allen
I confess, the haze and smoke were getting to me. It was with great trepidation that I was facing the month of March, the rains of mid-February were but a distant memory and the tickle in the throat and the slight dry cough were just starting. Burning eyes and a persistent hacking cough were just around the corner, I knew it with certainty.
However, the weather gods have smiled upon Chiang Mai and given us two days of rain. This does not remove the problem and we can only hope that it delays it long enough that it won’t get as bad as we had all feared. I have many friends that leave every year. I suppose I could, and sometimes I do, but I now that there are many many people here who do not have that luxury.
In the rainy season we all complain about the rain, about the flooded streets, the dirt and the occasional flooding. Although I must say, I was a tad annoyed at getting caught out in the rain and getting splashed by some speeding truck that had no concern for anyone else. It seems that even with the blessed rains this month, there is always a downside.
Perhaps it’s just that people are never really quite happy with what they have. Although I have to add, nobody can be happy with the smoke and haze that is human induced. But we are all guilty of making ourselves miserable over things we cannot change, like the rain in the rainy season, or the heat.
We all complain about the traffic and the numbers of tourists (especially the Chinese who seem to be making waves amongst our local residents with their different ways) but as someone pointed out to me, which would you rather have? Too many tourists or no tourists at all? Chiang Mai would wither up and die without tourists, it is true and in past lean years everyone complained about no tourists. So, now we have a lot and we complain because they don’t suit our tastes?
Perhaps it is just human nature to have a good whinge. Let me think on it and I will come up with a really good one next issue. Or perhaps you, dear reader, have a particularly good rant that you are just dying to share? If so, please feel free to send it to the editor! [email protected]


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Thanks for the rain!