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XII No.7 - Sunday April 7 - Saturday April 20, 2013

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I miss my seafood!
Dear Emma,
I know, it is crazy to live in the mountains and hope for fresh seafood but I grew up on the California coast and miss fresh seafood. I am nervous to eat seafood and ocean fish here in Chiang Mai having heard more than a few horror stories of food poisoning. But the craving is getting too strong and I can’t see flying to Bangkok just for seafood. Do you or your readers have any recommendations?
Seafood Ed

Dear Ed,
Well today is your lucky day. As the Kantary Hills Hotel café is holding a seafood buffet for 590 Baht until the 8th of April. Whilst Emma did not go last year a friend did and raved about the fresh seafood, oysters, crab, prawns, squid. Grilled or in salads and other dishes. Quite a bargain really and my friend said he ate until he could eat no more. If you don’t there in time I understand there is a very popular large seafood restaurant on Huay Kaew road but I am afraid I don’t know the exact location, it is on the same side of the road as the Pub and down the road a little bit. My apologies for the rather vague directions but these are the ones my rather vague friend gave me.
Finally if you are feeling rather flush, Akaligo at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi has what must be an excellent seafood buffet every Friday for 1,800 baht.
If any readers can suggest good quality seafood restaurants offering fresh seafood please be sure and email in to the editor and she will let me know. [email protected]

Leases and renting
Dear Emma,
I am new to town and want to rent a long term condo but have heard so many horror stories regarding people who do not get their deposit back that I am now quite worried. I know I have no choice as I must rent but is there any specific place I should consider? What things should I look out for? Is there anything I should do when I move in?
Thanks for your advice,
Wary of rentals

Dear Wary,
Well first of all, yes it is true many do not get their deposits back. But just as often people do. I have received my deposit back in two different places I rented from with very little hassle. A lot depends on your attitude in my opinion. However, before you move in, make sure you document all damage and include it in the lease contract. Take photos and have them dated. You can print these out and have them added to your file with your landlord if you wish. Document all moveable valuables that are already in place such as a microwave etc. If the place is furnished, check the inventory on the lease contract and make sure it is all there. Go through the place with your landlord (or landlady) together if possible. If not then with a staff that runs the building.
Finally, when you do move out, clean the place and make sure everything is the way it was when you moved in. Don’t leave marks on the walls and expect them to not want to paint over, don’t leave damaged furniture or dirty appliances. And finally, when you do move out and go through the condo together make sure you are pleasant and friendly. Confrontation will not get you far in Thailand so if you go in smiling and pleasant (having treated them with a pleasant demeanour throughout your stay) you will find that things go much easier. As they say, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Old batteries
Dear Emma,
I come from a country that religiously recycles and whilst I have managed to find the man who comes round and takes my plastic bottles, cardboard and metal bits (including old broken appliances) off my hands I have not yet found a place to dispose of my old batteries. My recycling man does not take them. What can I do with these batteries? I am amassing quite a collection at this point!
Recycling woman

Dear Recycling,
The Municipality has set up recycling booths, if you will, at many places around the city. You will see a booth type set up with a big red sign that says “Hazardous Waste” in English (below the Thai language sign). There are booths set up at the Municipality, the District Office inside the moat, Icon plaza, Central Airport, Kad Suan Kaew and many other locations, just keep an eye out for the booth, it is usually fairly noticeable and looks a bit like a telephone booth. Batteries go in the middle basket. Big C Extra, when it was Carrefour, had a battery recycling station, I haven’t been out there to check lately but presumably it is still there. You could also check other big stores like Tesco to see if they have one too.



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