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Chi Chang to open multimedia store in Promenada

Tech gurus and legal software

(From left) to Sumalee Lukuan, Marketing and Communications Manager of Chi Chang, Thongchai Lukuan Managing Director of Chi Chang and Tjeer Kwant of ECC International sign the agreement to open the new Chi Chang superstore at Promenada Resort Mall.

Shana Kongmun
The Grand Opening of the Promenada Resort Mall is set for June 7, according to President and CEO of ECC International Real Estate Tjeer Kwant and one of the key cornerstone stores will be the 3,000 sqm Chi Chang. Chi Chang will offer much more than computers and electronics, Thongchai Lukuan announced at the press conference introducing the new partnership. Additionally the store will offer home appliances, training and tech support and maintenance and the Chic Café where customers can test products. Chi Chang will sell only legal fully licensed software, as a Microsoft partner, customers can rest assured that their computers will not only be loaded with a legal copy but any maintenance done on the computer will not result in pirated software or viruses according to Sumalee Lukuan, Marketing and Communications Manager.
She noted that the new Chi Chang superstore will be a multi-media experience with numerous nationally and internationally known vendors but with locally minded service. The latest in IT , Audio-Visual, and mobile technology will be showcased in the store. She added there will be IT gurus offering training and tech support as well as a 3 year Chi Chang warranty and after sales training.
The Promenada Resort Mall will offer both indoor and outdoor spaces with an amphitheater, outdoor bars and cafes featuring local businesses as well as national and international brands and will cover 58 rai with approximately 50,000 sqm of shopping and dining space. The Resort Mall will host its grand opening on June 7, 2013 and is located on the Chang Mai – San Kamphaeng Road.

Podology Center signs agreement with Walker Orthotics for custom made orthotics

Wuttipong Arayatumsopon, Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon,
Rudolph van der Luebbe and a member of the staff at the clinic.

The Podology Center Ltd. with clinics in Chiang Mai and Bangkok recently signed a cooperation contract with The Walker Orthotics (also known as Walker Podiatry) from the Netherlands, who are based in Pattaya.
Professor Rudolph van der Luebbe CEO of The Walker Orthotics stated in a press conference beside Wuttipong Arayatumsopon, General Manager of The Podology Center Ltd., that the cooperation will start after the Thai New Year (Songkran) in this year.
Both told the press that The Podology Center from now on will offer custom made orthotics on a high quality level in their clinics - where Vinyl, Leather and Cork are used to stop foot trouble. The Orthotics or Inlays are smaller and easier to wear than those offered at Thai hospitals – and have a European standard.
The price per pair will be also very fair and with around 6,000 THB, comparable to the prices in Europe or the USA. They will even be cheaper than those offered of some places in Thailand, where the decades old foam technology is still in use.
The Walker group and The Podology Center will work with dynamic blue prints, photographic technology and the modern Podoscope technology to keep any mistake rate as low as possible. Furthermore does the group guarantee 10 month for the quality of the orthotics. Up to 2 changes, if there would be trouble with the orthotics are included in the price.
Professor van der Luebbe said, “With our cooperation, people in Bangkok and in the North of Thailand now can get treated for Plantar Fasciitis, Flat feet (Pes Planus), High Arch feet (Pes (ex) cavus), Knick foot and spread foot, Bunion (Hallux Valgus) and even chronic pain. These are the more common foot problems where Orthotics are used, but much more is possible.”
Dirk Weeber Arayatumsopon, Treatment Team Leader of The Podology Center Ltd., said that the biggest issue for foot health in Thailand is the belief of the people that the foot is the lowest and most disgusting part of the body.
“Teenagers who wear Flip Flop shoes, as they are “fashion”, do often not know, how much they damage their feet with those shoes. Diabetic elderly have nobody to help them with diabetic foot syndrome and most of the Thai doctors are fast in amputating toes, feet and legs, when there are still conservative ways to treat those. In many cases toes, feet and legs could be preserved,” Dirk noted.

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Chi Chang to open multimedia store in Promenada

Podology Center signs agreement with Walker Orthotics for custom made orthotics