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MAIL OPINION  By Shana Kongmun


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This particular opinion will be short and sweet as we see the two separate letters from people living in Chiang Mai highlighting the two sides of the coin that is life here. Every expat faces the same awful woes as our first reader; the chaotic queuing, or lack thereof, the crowded cramped room and the lack of parking. Unfortunately for everyone, including the poor Immigration officials who must face that chaos and the unhappy faces of the foreigners who use their offices as well as the unhappy foreigners using that office, this is not something that can be solved locally but must come from Bangkok.
The other side of the coin is the kindness and generosity so often present here, to the lady in the market to the man at the gas station who fills up my motorbike tire to the friendly smile; random acts of kindness that also make up life for us in Chiang Mai.
I hope that the authorities that be work hard to remedy the first issue, realizing the money and will must come from Bangkok does not make things easy for our Immigration officials or for us but at least the kindness of strangers among us (including our own to others!) makes up for the inconveniences.

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