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Renowned author visits Prem for Book Week 2013

EY3 students view the Charlotte’s Web display replete with pen, pig and spider!

By Joy Huss
The theme for this year’s Prem Tinsulanonda International School’s Book Week was ‘Books in the Movies’. Entering the library was like passing into an old-time cinema complete with ticket booth and theatre marquee. Inside the library walls the space was creatively transformed into a movie theatre with showings at lunchtime and after school - complete with freshly popped popcorn. Three-dimensional displays of current books at the movies included ‘The Lorax’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and ‘The Hobbit’ bringing the books to life.
Each year Prem hosts a visiting author during Book Week to speak to the students about their work. This year Richard Sobol “the travelling photographer” joined Prem to present a dynamic image-driven presentation to EY3 - Gr 12 students featuring his first-hand encounters with wild animals. The presentation on mountain gorillas in Nigeria was inspiring and linked nicely to our upcoming Earth Day Biodiversity theme.
Richard Sobol is constantly circling the globe looking for stories relating to wildlife, international cultures and conservation of the environment. His photographs appear regularly in publications worldwide including Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Paris Match, Audubon, and National Geographic. He has published elevenSobol CSH books for adults and children.
Further information on Richard’s work can be found at

EY2 students used paper bags to make a lorax after the movie ‘The Lorax’.

Photographer Richard Sobol met with Prem students, taking time out of his travels to visit Prem to be their “Visiting Author” during Book Week.

Learning new skills and new outlooks on life

At risk kids at the Stratton Foundation


By John Cope
Tai is 15 years old and came to the Stratton Foundation 3 years ago aged 12 after a request from his father who was worried that Tai was disappearing from home with much older friends and looking like getting into much trouble. Addtionally, coming from a poor village money for schooling was also a problem.

Tai proudly shows off his accomplishments in school.
His 10 year old brother Zak joined him here a year later. He still has a sister and very young brother back in Nan.
When Tai first came he had many problems settling in and getting used to the “house rules” and loss of freedom. However perservance and many heart to heart talks about life and opportunity were instrumental in working with Tai. Over time, Tai, a very intelligent child, has completely turned around, becoming a most respectful child, always keen to help out and give back and at the same time being a very diligent student at school.
He has been in the top ten on final grade days for each of his 3 years at Mattayom. This year he attained an overall 3.98 and will enter his school’s Gifted Student Program in Mattayom 4.
He has also taught himself guitar, Tai Chi and is well on the way to becoming an accomplished artist.

Tai, initially considered an at-risk child by his parents came to the Stratton Foundation for education and came out an artist.

He has grown into a fine young man with a very grounded attitude and often expresses concern for his siblings. On going home for one month visit over Songkran Tai expressed a wish to design an organic vegetable growing unit for his family, following on from an active project at the Foundation. He recently sent photos of the design work he has done. Knowing that his family budget is very low it is important to find Tai sponsorship for this great project; supporting a long term view that the children will take what they learn at the Foundation and use it to help their home communities.
This first project makes those of us at the Stratton Foundation proud as it came without any prompting; just a caring young man wanting to help his family.
You can see more of Tai’s accomplishments as well as all the work we do with all our children at http://www.

Grandma Cares graduations

One of the nursery school students from Mae Yoi receives their certification of graduation as they prepare for first grade.

By Shana Kongmun
The Grandma Cares Partnership Program, which works with orphaned students being raised by elderly and struggling grandparents, has been aiding students from the rural Mae Yoi School. The nursery school students graduated to first grade recently, a big step because the Mae Yoi School has never held a graduation ceremony for the little ones.
These students and the older kids are also part of the Grandma Cares Partnership Program Literacy Program and Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin Thai Ngam Peace Through Service program.
Rotary and Grandma Cares volunteers are working under the guidelines of the ASEAN Lteracy Goals program and the Rotary Club of Thin Thai Ngam to support these students’ achievements to speak and understand English. (Photos courtesy of Grandma Cares Partnership Program)

Mae Yoi nursery school students are very proud of their accomplishments.

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Renowned author visits Prem for Book Week 2013

Learning new skills and new outlooks on life

Grandma Cares graduations