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Green Table Restaurant

Elegant and delicious!

By Heather Allen
This elegant and cosy restaurant is located on the second floor of the Kantary Terrace on Nimmanhaemin. Tucked away in the corner it is not too hard and worth the look. The service is quite good, the atmosphere charming and the food divine.
Whilst I ate there with a friend, this would be a perfect spot for a romantic night out for two or, given the long bench tables, a dinner party. There was a birthday party in the corner when we came and the staff dimmed the lights and all came out to sing Happy Birthday. A very nice touch, my friend and I both felt.
However, the food is the most important thing. My friend ordered appetizers and we both absolutely loved the bruschetta. Thick crunchy bread, generous tasty tomatoes and feta cheese for an added zing. The bacon wrapped prawns were fantastic, we actually considered ordering more! The prawns were juicy, the bacon crispy, a perfect combination of textures and flavours.
I had a wonderful spicy cream and clam fettuccine. I like spicy food and this had a nice bite. The pasta was perfectly cooked al dente, I don’t like crunchy pasta but neither do I like it too soft. This was, as baby bear would say, “just right”.
I opted for a non-alcoholic lychee soda that was a reasonable 45 baht and my friend had a beer. They also offer wine and considering the quality of the food, I imagine those are quite good too.
Will I go back? Definitely. I suspect this will be added to my regular list of places to eat. The prices are reasonable, around 250-350 baht for most mains although they did have a steak on offer for a few hundred baht higher. The appetizers were generous and priced between 100-200 baht each. And for those with vehicles there is the added bonus of parking in the back of Kantary Terrace, a major draw for parking deficient Nimmanhaemin road.
Green Table is open every day but Monday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 053-920-190.



It’s been 3 months since I moved back to my village in Chiang Khong and I have noticed that the villagers are eating more fish than any other meat. Maybe rightly or wrongly, but I think it’s because we have many rivers and ponds and fishing costs almost nothing. Pork and beef are too expensive to buy every day. This last Songkran pork went up to 150 baht a kg and beef was almost 300 baht a kg. Compared to their daily income of 200 baht a day, this is very expensive.
My dad likes to go fishing because he can escape from the heat. From February-April it is very hot. Our ponds become lower and that is the time for fishing. Everyone agrees to fish only once a year for each pond. If you can’t picture how it’s like…Well, ‘Disney Land’ is the keyword.
Big fish isn’t a problem to cook but small fish is. They have too many bones, so let’s make minced fish stir fried with flowering mustard greens or ‘Laab Pla Kua’
Any small fish is good for our dish because they will be chopped up. The other ingredients are flowering mustard greens, shredded kaffir lime leaves, coriander and chili paste which contains well crushed garlics, fresh chili and salt.
First we stir fry the chili paste in a couple spoons of oil with the finely minced fish. Add flowering mustard greens and kaffir lime leaves. Cook for about 10 minutes and remove from heat. Before serving just add the chopped coriander. Now we can enjoy small fish without worrying about the bones!

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