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Young Lions roar ahead

This young boy proudly shows off his recent creations.

By Emma Reinhalter, Assistant Director, Cultural Canvas Thailand
The Young Lions Global Art Program was founded by Art Relief International in late 2010 with the goal of providing free community art classes to neighborhood children. In doing so, we hoped to provide a safe and creative space for the children to play and grow, all the while helping to break down the cultural and societal boundaries that initially divided the children. Children participate regardless of their family situation, their ethnicity, or their social standing.

Students are encouraged to be creative.

There are Young Lions who are dropped off each week in sports cars and others who must leave class early to sell flowers at local bars. There are Young Lions from Tai Yai, Hmong and Chin tribes. While society often segregates and discriminates against particular groups, the Young Lions Global Art Program seeks to eliminate these barriers. It allows each child the opportunity to reach their full potential without restriction. We use the medium of art to bring children of diversity into a state of unity and inclusion. Our Young Lions gain an appreciation for one another, and in doing so, learn to accept themselves and their differences, all within the guise of play.

Students from different ethnic groups join together to draw and paint.

Recently they held a workshop teaching young students marble art. Marbling paper was first started in Persia or Turkey in the 1100s although examples from the 1400s are the only ones remaining. It was used for decoration and also for documents to stop forgery. The kids mixed their own formulas and created their own designs in the colors that float on the thick liquid the paper soaks in. The kids really enjoyed trying something enw.
Founded in 2009, by Cultural Canvas Thailand, Art Relief International works to transform the lives of struggling social groups in Chiang Mai by offering these communities the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. We believe in providing a voice for individuals by exploring various creative means, including visual, performance, and experimental arts. Our mission is to promote expression and cultivate the creativity that lies inside each individual. We use art to create an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging where often there is none. From Burmese refugees who have been forced to relocate under harsh living and working conditions to children with cerebral palsy who have been severely neglected throughout their lives, the past stories of our program’s participants are often quite grim. Through Art Relief International, such individuals are given a medium through which their voices can finally heard.

Prem celebrates Earth Day

Chiang Mai Zoo brought a variety of animals to Prem for students to see up close.

By Joy Huss
The concept of sustainability is at the core of everything done at Prem and Earth Day is anticipated by all on campus as a way to celebrate the importance of living in harmony with our world. This year’s Earth Day was a great success with students and staff learning about the importance of biodiversity while working to increase the biodiversity of their schools’ campus.

This young student examined soil in a petri dish for signs of life.

All students from Grade 2 - Grade 11 were included as they moved from activity to activity throughout the day, with the Junior School students teamed up with older students in Senior School. At the farm, the groups worked to build habitats for local animals and insects. At the library students examined soil and water samples for evidence of life, while in front of the library budding artists created dozens of murals depicting plants and animals. Many included inspirational messages along with their visuals. In the auditorium teams visited multiple stations to learn about some of the planet’s most endangered species, and also had a chance to view videos highlighting the need to conserve our biodiversity. Chiang Mai Zoo staff were on campus, and brought a wide variety of animals which thrilled the students, old and young. The FORRU forestry unit of Chiang Mai University also participated in the day, and guided the students in a census of the hundreds of trees on campus.
“We are so lucky to live and work in the midst of the wonders of nature,” Sustainability Coordinator Donal O’Connell said. “I know everyone involved in this year’s Earth Day will view our campus in a new light from now on,” he added.

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Young Lions roar ahead

Prem celebrates Earth Day