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Mental Health Specialists in Chiang Mai
Dear Readers,
Thank you for your many responses in regards to English speaking mental health specialists in Chiang Mai! One reader informs me that the psychiatrist at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital is Suttipan Takkapaijit, he noted several friends have seen him and he never heard a negative comment about him. Dr. Ron Perrin contacted us, he is a former contributor to the Chiang Mai Mail and is willing to help those in need. His phone number is 085 6187245. Finally, another reader suggested checking LifeChangePeople .com for life coaching and counselling. Contact Chrissy Richman ([email protected] She is based locally and can recommend other qualified and credentialed English speaking therapists working with her for local expats in Chiang Mai if counseling and therapy is needed. Phone numbers are listed on the website as well.
If any other readers have other suggestions or experiences regarding counselling or therapy here in Chiang Mai please email [email protected] and it will be passed on to me.

Older men hitting on my teenage daughter
Dear Emma,
My wife and I are blessed with a beautiful daughter, my wife is Thai and I am American and our 15 year old daughter has proved the point about luk krueng children being attractive. She has always received a lot of attention growing up in Thailand, we’ve even had a modeling agency approach us but I want her to live a normal life and not some crazy celebrity life. However, now that she is getting older she is getting a different type of attention. Much older men who are, I hope, unaware of her young age are coming on to her. Yes, these are most often other Western men who seem to think that every pretty girl is available and sometimes proposition her in a very rude and crass manner. One even did so while she was with me, perhaps taking me for her boyfriend, I don’t know but I was seconds away from punching him in the nose!
I know it is not possible to protect her from this but what can I say to her so that she doesn’t become afraid of men because of these weirdoes? And what can she say to them to leave her alone? It is really getting to be a problem and she avoids some areas of town for fear of being harassed. She has lived here her entire life and should not have to be afraid to live in her hometown.
Furious father
Dear Father,
Unfortunately what your daughter faces is not so unusual. Emma’s niece in the U.K. was approached by a flasher when she was 13; these men seem to like the shock and fear that comes from harassing a young teenage girl. However, these older men who have no class and no brains are most likely not of the same ilk as flashers. They are simply men who view women as a commodity rather than as a human being and whilst they may deserve a punch in the nose, it is probably not a good idea and certainly not an option for your daughter.
In her case her best option is to ignore the fools. If they refuse to be ignored then she can simply say “If you don’t stop harassing me I will scream for the police.” This will usually put most of these men off. However, I am afraid that this is one of those painful lessons girls must go through as they grow up; that there are nasty people out there and that it is important to learn to separate the good from the bad. It is unlikely that she will be emotionally scarred by proposals but it may put her off men for a while! This is something many seem to never learn, that their advances are not always welcome and that often they are just unwanted.

My back hurts
Dear Emma,
I injured my back several years ago and every once in a while I do something that causes it to hurt all over again. Thai massage doesn’t usually help and I often end up bruised. I am wondering if there are other options here in Chiang Mai? A chiropractor or perhaps acupuncture or even a physical therapist? Sometimes the pain is so bad I am forced to stay at home as moving around is too much. I hate taking drugs for this and would much rather find a way to treat the problem rather than drug the pain away.
If you or the readers here have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Dear Greg,
Emma feels your pain. I think anyone over the age of 40 has some back problem or another! It seems to be the one area we expect to always work and yet we abuse it terribly. There are some exercises and stretches that will strengthen your back muscles and a good physio can help you with this.
A friend of mine had a wonderful physio at an area hospital but unfortunately, she told me the young man had left and she didn’t know to where. I know that Rajavej Hospital offers acupuncture; I believe they also have a licensed chiropractor there, Dr. Philip Parry. I am not sure there are any other licensed chiropractors in Chiang Mai, perhaps some of our readers could email in and let us know if they have any other recommendations or personal experience? As always emails sent to [email protected] will be sent on to me.