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Care for Dogs


A New Home For Hed Hom

Our new girl, Hed Hom, is without a doubt one of our most timid doggies. She is a medium size with a short easy coat and is a true sweet heart. For Hed Hom to find her new home it is important that she connects with someone special who can understand her and can be very patient. The real challenge will be helping her to trust again. Once over that hurdle, a true life-long friend is sure to be had. We agree that she deserves to be given a chance of a loving and caring home. Do you? Could you be the one to give her hope for happiness? If you can open your home and heart to Hed Hom then please contact Care for Dogs on 08 47 52 52 55 (English) or 08 69 13 87 01 (Thai) or visit

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A New Home For Hed Hom