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The difficulties of communication

By Heather Allen
One of the things that I have learned is just how difficult it is to communicate with one another. Even when from the same nation or just the same native language, getting one’s point across is not always the easiest thing to do. People misread, people misinterpret or they just choose to see the things that only fit in with their preconceived notions. Too often it seems the person picks out the bits that fit their preconceived notion of what the other person is trying to say rather than listen to them fully and understand what they are actually trying to say instead.
This happens not only in conversation but in the written word as well. Peruse Facebook and you will see it happen all the time, as people have conversations online things get frayed and rather fuzzy.
Then add in those people who determine that another person must communicate in the same way they do, either the person who hates to talk on the mobile, or the person who will only talk on the mobile. Then there is the person who only wants messages, or the person who only wants emails. God forbid you should get the person who doesn’t email, doesn’t take messages and insists on talking on the phone, you might have to talk to them! For the busy working person, I understand how it can be rather annoying to have to answer the phone and handle queries or get things accomplished. It is much easier to dash out a quick email and then it is done.
But, perhaps it is just this “get it done fast, don’t talk” mentality that leads people to not listen or to misread. Things certainly do get done more quickly here, or rather; it is highly possible that things can get done more quickly. Herein lies the rub, they can only get done more quickly if the other person will only but read your emails!


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The difficulties of communication