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Met this crazy girl
Dear Emma,
I have a problem. I met this girl through some friends, she was nice and I was friendly but I don’t think I gave her any indication that I planned on wanting more or that anything was going to go further than just a casual meeting with friends. However, a few days later she friended me on Facebook and then started posting things to my wall.
I foolishly gave her my business card and she started messaging me and calling me as well as sending me messages on Facebook and posting to my wall. She sends me something at least once a day.
If that wasn’t bad enough, she started friending all my friends on Facebook and has sent some of my female friends rude messages when she thinks they might be my girlfriend. We haven’t dated. We haven’t done anything at all except running into each other at casual events.
At first I didn’t realize she was a crazy stalker until one of my female friends told me she had received a crazy message from this girl.
I have unfriended her and blocked her, I have blocked her from my phone and told all of my friends to unfriend her as well and told them of this crazy stalking behavior but we both still live here. What am I going to do short of leaving? I know she continues to try and friend people I know and I know that she has told people that we are dating. I keep telling people we are not but really, her craziness is getting to me!
Ready to leave!

Dear Ready,
Well, I suppose you could move. But it seems to me you are doing the best thing to do. Ignore her, make sure the people who know you know what is going on and eventually she will get bored and find a new target.
Alternatively, point a new target in her way! Perhaps you have some friend who likes desperate clingy slightly mad women (goodness knows there seems to be a fair few number of those around who do!) and introduce them! Who knows, maybe it will work and she will find a new target for her “affections” and one that might enjoy them more than you.
Best of luck and remember, there are plenty of non-crazy women out there, you just haven’t met any yet!

Wish I could have a dog
Dear Emma,
I see the pictures of the dogs needing homes from Care for Dogs in the pages of this newspaper every issue and I keep wishing I could rescue them all! Unfortunately I live in town and can’t have a dog where I live.
I am sure I could find a house that would allow a dog and I wouldn’t mind moving out of the city and listen to frogs instead of sirens but I travel a fair bit and I am just not sure how long I will be here. It seems unfair to me to take a dog and then struggle to find a home for it in a year or two when and if I need to leave.
Emma, do you have any suggestions for me?
Lonely without a dog

Dear Lonely,
You could volunteer with Care for Dogs, I am sure they wouldn’t say no to someone who wants to come and visit the dogs and play with them and bathe them or help take care of them when they are being treated. This would give you as much dog exposure as you could need.
Or, if you are serious about moving, talk to them about fostering a dog or two. This would give you a dog in your home but one that will be rehomed, that is if your heart can take it! Dogs have a way of getting into your home and your heart and never letting go.
Give Care for Dogs a call, their number is on Page 15 with the latest dog that needs a home!

Wetv rant
Dear Emma,
Not a rant but a solution for the reader that wrote in to these pages some time back looking for a solution to the Wetv endless looping rerun issue. Two words to the Chiang Mai Mail readers; “Streaming TV” If your internet connection is decent go online and search for free streaming TV, this will give you a great list of shows that are available. You must have a fairly decent internet connection, if you have your own line then it is certainly possible but if you live in one of those buildings where everyone shares a connection then it may be more problematic.
I have to tell you Emma, this solution has cured me of my Wetv woes. I still have Wetv but when they show Grimm or some Syfy movie for the nth time I power up the laptop and go to one of my bookmarked sites and watch something new.
No more woes

Dear No More Woes,
Thanks for the tip for our readers. Emma prefers to read a good book and takes her video entertainment on a big screen in one of the fine theatres around town; the theatre at the new Promenada is quite nice. However, for those who like television shows this sounds like a good alternative especially with the rainy season upon us in full force!

Rainy season blues
Dear Emma,
I know the rainy season has just started. I do realize that it has only just started and we have several months to go but the past week of rain and grey skies has sapped my will to live! I need some sun, even if only for a short while. I am not so rich and can’t really afford an expensive holiday away and while I can do some work online I can’t be gone too long. Any suggestions Emma?
Blue from the rain

Dear Blue,
AirAsia has a direct flight to Hat Yai. From Hat Yai get a bus to Trang, it’s a gorgeous little seaside town on the Andaman coast. Not very touristy at all. You may need to book ahead of time to get cheaper tickets but they are there! Alternatively, Bangkok Air has direct flights to Phuket from Chiang Mai. Again book ahead of time but its possible. If you don’t mind a bus, the Green Bus has a long distance bus that goes to Surat Thani and Phuket. It may stop at Hua Hin as well.
Enjoy your holidays!