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By Heather Allen
I have found that some people seem to have gone along with the adage that if they have nothing nice to say then they still had better express a pointless negative opinion. It is always astonishing to me how many times someone must disparage and belittle another person’s opinions, likes, or lifestyle. It is as though these people have nothing but negativity in their life and even if their opinion is unwanted, unasked for or irrelevant to the situation, they must express themselves in as negative a way as possible.
Perhaps these people are simply unhappy with their lives and must make others as unhappy as themselves. Perhaps these people are simply miserable old gits who have forgotten how to take pleasure in life. However, regardless of their own misery I do not need to allow their unhappiness to cloud my enjoyment of all the things life has to offer.
Instead, I try to let their unhappiness pass right over my head and enjoy the things I like even more. At least then I know I won’t have to share! As for those people who seem to only have misery in their lives, you might want to take a look at your own attitude and behavior. I have found that those people who are miserable and rude tend to have only those experiences. As they say, “You get what you give” and if all you give is misery then you cannot really expect to have everyone else treat you with sunshine and roses.
So, to the misery guts out there, try expanding your view to include the positive things in life. You might just find that you enjoy your own life, and while some people may think they enjoy their negativity and misery, the truth is more likely that they don’t remember what it means to be happy and feel positive. That is really too bad, there are so many wonderful things life has to offer, and it is so short, it seems a waste to spend it being negative.

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