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The sublime TT Kitchen

By Christopher Sujarit

TT Kitchen serves up the sublime. Sitting serenely pretty at the end of Sirimangkalajarn soi 11, this brand new restaurant is garnering word- of- mouth recommendations from those looking for authentic and decadent brunch, pasta, Italian, and desserts. So, what’s the secret?
Western fare seems easy to fake in this town, but TT Kitchen is the exception. The menu is diverse, friendly, and seasonal with weekly and monthly specials. The menu is neatly divided into Appetizers, Salads, Pastas, Flatbreads, Main Courses, and Desserts. In addition, there are two boards full of chalked- in “specials” that will stimulate your curiosity. You can quite successfully choose what dishes to eat on a whim just by browsing the chalkboard specials. Check out their Facebook page for their latest creations and offerings; TT Kitchen’s chefs are enamored with food and it shows.
My favorite eating partner and I ordered the Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms to start, the Omelette to share, and the Greek Flatbread as a side. We finished with the Berry Meringue with Sorbet. The Mushrooms and Omelette were both served with large side salads.
After taking my first bite into the cheese- filled medallion of Portobello, I wanted to get up and do the “this is delicious” dance. Fresh cheese, flavorful sun- dried tomatoes, and the tasty patty-slice of mushroom were doing all the right things to get me to that place called Yummyland. I was surprised by the lusciousness of the mushrooms and the tartness of the tomatoes. The enjoyment of eating these Portobello Mushrooms was audible- um ummmm.
The Greek Flatbread was also a great surprise; a crunchy, thick wafer of toasted flour topped with hardy hearts of artichokes, kalamata olives, melted feta, large leafs of basil, roughage, and an aromatic balance of olive oil and herbs. The Flatbread is full of flavor. The Omelette was huge, but not sloppy; three eggs expertly-whipped into fluffy shape stuffed with chicken, onions, mushrooms served with toast, two Portobello mushrooms, and four steamed plum tomatoes. It’s definitely large enough to split, or to help you halt a hangover.
We were full, but this didn’t stop us from finishing the Berry Meringue with Sorbet. I didn’t know exactly what a meringue was except maybe a dance similar to the tango, but this made the dessert all the better. Each tart, colorful chunk of egg- white malt-y goodness melted in my mouth; a perfect finish to a hearty meal. The mountain of meringue was bordered by two scoops of berry sorbet- raspberry and blueberry. And, we lived happily ever after, all dressed up in berry love.
TT Kitchen is the new kid in town and has already shown its tasty colors, all the way down to the Butterfly Pea flowers in its side salads. It’s not quite Italian, not quite Mediterranean, but it’s all impressive. TT Kitchen, see you again


RECIPES BY NOI: Nam Phrik Plara Ton

Everyone knows Plara (fermented fish) but not everyone likes it. Some find it too smelly but others find fascinating fragrances and a divine taste in it, just like durian.
Most people instantly imagine that it’s smelly and looks like a thick brown watery gravy sauce, due to our experiences witnessed at every Som Tam stall. But there is another kind of Plara and it is different. In my village we call it Plara Ton or chunky Plara which has a lighter smell and bigger pieces of fish.
Eating it raw is a bit too extreme and not a good choice, especially freshwater fish which might make us ill or give us diseases or parasites.
I tried making Plara a few times success always seemed too far for me to reach. It looks easy but every time I make it, it turns to be like tear gas (I don’t know how tear gas works but when my plara pot is opened people around me always cry and run included me as well!)
As we already learned Nam Phrik Noom can be dipped and eaten with many different side dishes such as boiled vegetables and egg, crispy deep fried pork skin and grilled or deep fried meat. My village’s Plara is also one of the best matches for Nam Phrik Noom. When we put them together it is called Nam Phrik Plara Ton.
To cook it we need to wrap Plara in banana leaf and grill on low heat until it’s cooked. While waiting we’ll make Nam Phrik with grilled shallots, garlic and chilies then pound them with some salt added. When Plara is cooked we just place it beside Nam Phrik, eat with boiled vegetables and enjoy our great meal!

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