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“It’s Your Choice” to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Training in Lamphun

Zonta and the Red Cross work together

The students expressed their feelings about the workshop theme in drama.

By Margaret Bhadungzong, Zonta Chiang Mai Club Past President
The workshop, held at the Chalermprakia 48 Phansa School in Pasang, Lamphun on August 17, 2013, was opened by the Chalermprakiat School Director, Mr. Kasem, stating that the topic is important for the students to have the correct knowledge about their own health and well-being. He also thanked both the Italian Red Cross and the Thai Red Cross for bringing this health workshop to the students. The participating students are in the 9th grade level who have all entered the school this year. This workshop has been held for the ninth year in which the Zonta Chiangmai Club has brought this life skills knowledge to the students.
The students interacted with Zontian Thada Chaiyaprida, the ice break facilitator who sang and played games with the student audience. Zonta Chiangmai Club President, Raya Luelai, donated Baht 5,000 to the sports equipment fund of the school. Zonta Charter President Somboon Suprasert spoke about developing and implementing life skills for a successful life. She explained the concept “It’s Your Choice” as a program with many challenges to get the message to adolescents. She felt the participants were ready to receive this knowledge who willingly signed up to attend today’s workshop on their day off.
A video, Up to You, prepared by the National Public Health in collaboration with PATH was shown to the participants during the lunch break. The video presents immediate and urgent concerns of adolescents coming of age who are discovering sexual behavior.
Ten medical students from Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University divided the students into small groups for discussion identifying their personal concerns on the topics they had observed in the video. After the discussion, the students planned and directed their own short drama expressing the day’s topic how to say No to at-risk choices. In closing the program, each student was reminded to follow their heart’s interests in education, the arts, sports or language study with dedication. With motivation and hard work, they will be successful to reach their goals.

Science Day at Panyaden School

Panyaden students performed experiments to learn more about how molecules behave in different states by performing the “can crush” experiment.

Panyaden students from K2 – P6 enjoyed a day of fun participating in the annual Panyaden Science Fair on August 23, 2013. Students learned how air moves by releasing hovercrafts made out of balloons and used CDs; mixed corn flour and water to form globs of oobleck and making them dance using sound energy. They created their own magic rainbow by shining white light onto a prism, which then refracts and disperses it to form the 7 colors of the rainbow. They watched intently as their schoolmates used drink cans to demonstrate how molecules in various states behave differently when subjected to heat and cold before trying their hand at the Can Crush experiment themselves.
Head Teachers Kru Michel and Kru Dokmai said that idea is to get the students to do much more than just watch. They are encouraged to try the experiments themselves and ask lots of questions.
Panyaden School offers a Buddhist approach to education, integrating Buddhist philosophy with modern educational tools. (All photos by Ally Taylor)

Students learned how air moves by making hovercrafts out of balloons.

NIS making a difference in the lives of the temple dog

By Joy Huss
Just off the Super Highway down a small side Soi lies the inconspicuous home of 20 dogs. Crawling out from under rattan charpoys, bushes and wooden tables, running from the adjoining school grounds and sleepily waking from their cement beds, the temple dogs of Wat Nong Phrae Krang come to greet us.

The monks at Wat Nong Phrae Krang were happy to have the student volunteers from Temple Awareness Program and Care for Dogs come to help the dogs living there.

On August 19th the students and teacher coordinator, Dee Fancett, of Nakornpayap International School’s Temple Awareness Program (TAP), founder of Prem International School’s Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach, Joy Huss, and staff from the Care for Dogs Foundation, Khun Chai, came together to witness firsthand the positive impact that they can have on their community and on animals in need.
The three separate litters of puppies, ranging from one to two months old, can now be found running amongst the temple grounds. These 10 new hungry, energetic bodies have added a significant worry for the monks to their already large population of 10 dogs.
A networking of resources has brought these three dog-welfare groups together to find a solution at Wat Nong Phrae Krang and to further educate the students of NIS TAP on how to run a successful community service program. Based on Hand to Paw’s years of experience running a student-led temple dog program in 7 temples, Joy was able to provide valuable information on how to organize an effective care-giving day at the temple and vaccinate the puppies and dogs to keep them free of disease and rabies. Care for Dogs was on hand to educate the students and monks on how important it is to spay and neuter animals. The adult, female dogs were collected to have them sterilized, thus preventing future puppies being born at the temple.
The students of NIS were kept very busy over the course of 2 hours; purchasing and donating much needed dry dog food; bathing, de-worming, de-ticking, cleaning ears, tending wounds and giving lots of kisses and cuddles to the plethora of puppies all under the watchful and curious eyes of the resident monks. Once they have mastered their skills in basic dog care with the puppies they will move on to the adult dogs until every dog at the temple receives the same quality of care throughout the year. Students will visit the temple on a weekly basis to provide care and support to the dogs, assisting the monks to maintain a sustainable population as well as fundraising to pay for supplies, food, sterilizations or other medical necessities. Puppy adoptions will soon be under way with some dogs going off to the Care for Dogs Adoption program and NIS making and distributing posters and flyers with puppy photos and details all in the hopes of finding them safe and loving homes.
Education is first and foremost in bringing change to the lives of temple dogs in our communities. With more and more students wanting to be a part of this change, programs like TAP and Hand to Paw are the successful first steps in making a difference!

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NIS making a difference in the lives of the temple dog