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Looking to the future of cricket

The enthusiasm for cricket among local kids is growing as Chiang Mai students achieve national and international success.

Richard Lockwood
Preparations are continuing for the new cricket season in Chiang Mai with work soon to be completed on the square at the ground at Gymkhana Club where four grass pitches are being re-laid or repaired so that the ground will be ready for a busy season of league matches, visits by numerous touring teams and a widespread program of junior cricket.
It is the young Thai children that hold the key to future of cricket in Chiang Mai and neighbouring provinces in Northern Thailand. The coaches who work for the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance have been visiting local schools, teaching children the basics of the game and gaining an enthusiastic response as they find a new crop of players wanting to play cricket.
Chris Dodd has been hard at work in Lamphun, travelling around the schools and using the net facilities at Muang Gwak School to hold practice sessions each evening and at weekends as he looks to build new boys and girls teams to take part in a major tournament at the end of October.
Martin Papworth, as well as overseeing all the work carried on the ground at Gymkhana Club, has been coaching at the schools across Chiang Mai province and has started holding regular sessions at Gymkhana Club where the excellent sporting facilities include a pair of practice nets which have been used even throughout the wet season.
Adult cricketers have always been welcome to use the nets on Wednesday or Friday evenings and organizations or clubs are encouraged to hire the nets at other times, whatever the standard of player, but the most encouraging use of the facilities is now on Saturday mornings where children from local schools are being brought to Gymkhana to improve their cricketing skills.
Martin and his wife Puy have been visiting Buak Croc Noi School one day a week since the start of term and have found a new crop of young cricketers wanting to play the game outside of school. On Saturday 14th September the children had the chance to come to Gymkhana to use the nets for the first time. They faced the new bowling machine which uses soft balls and delivers them at a consistent line and length so the children could practise their batting without needing protective equipment.
The children also received one on one coaching as they learnt the basics of batting, bowling and fielding, and CMSCA are lucky to have the support of many of the players from Chiang Mai Lanna Cricket Club including Eddie Joyner who did so much to help the Thailand Women’s team in recent successful competitions.
The new players from Buak Croc Noi will soon be playing in softball tournaments against other schools and the best players will have the chance to play hardball matches in the forthcoming junior league. Other schools from Chiang Mai and Mae On will also have the chance to come to Gymkhana Club over forthcoming weekends as grass roots cricket grows stronger and stronger in Northern Thailand.
All adult cricketers in Chiang Mai should support the development of junior cricket, as these youngsters in the future will take part in the Senior League, play against touring sides and join cricket tours to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and beyond.
For further information about Gymkhana net practice, supporting junior cricket or playing for Chiang Mai Lanna CC, please contact David Holt (0849330670) or Martin Papworth (0834760582).

Tigers take the Championship!

Headed to the Champions League round

The nearly ten thousand strong crowd roared as the Tigers lofted their trophy high after their win against the Fire Bats.

Nopniwat Krailerg
Chiang Mai fans erupted at the close of the home match against Sukhothai as the Chiang Mai FC’s 3 – 1 win took them to the Champions League and another attempt at cracking into Division 1. The Tigers have played strongly all season and even though they were firmly atop the leaderboard gave no quarter in their match against Sukhothai FC.
The Fire Bats played strongly but the Tigers scored 3 points with Chatchai Nakwichit, Rungrat Phumjantuek and Sittipong Kanlaprapruek ensuring the Tigers Division 2 Championship with their goals in the match.
The Tigers enter into the Champions League round with 69 points from 30 matches, 21 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses.
Nearly ten thousand Tiger fans roared as the team accepted their trophy and Deputy Governor Adisorn Kamnerdisiri opened the bottle of champagne to celebrate the win. The Tigers basked in the success of their AIS Regional League Division 2 championship but committed themselves to continuing to perform well in the upcoming Champions League as they hope to enter Division 1 next season.

The Lanna Tigers scored 3 – 1 in a home game against Sukhothai FC to take the Division 2 Championship.

Regional Futsal competition between schools in Chiang Mai

At Sky Hall in Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall

Chiang Mai Mail reporters
The Regional Futsal competition between Chiang Mai schools was held at the Sky Hall in Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center from September 2 – 15, 2013 and saw over 20 futsal teams join in the contest.
The Chiang Mai government, the Department of Physical Education and the Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports sponsored the competition which sees the winning team representing Chiang Mai in the national round.
The opening ceremony was presided over by Deputy Chiang Mai Governor, Charoenrit Sanguansat in the competition that was held to encourage students to exercise and team efforts. The opening match was a match between Rangsee Wittaya School from Fang district and Chiang Mai University Demonstration School and Rangsee Wittaya beat Chiang Mai University Demonstration School score 5-2.

Over 20 teams compete in the Futsal competition for the honor of representing Chiang Mai in the national rounds.

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Looking to the future of cricket

Tigers take the Championship!

Regional Futsal competition between schools in Chiang Mai