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Just a little pampering

By Heather Allen
Every great once in a while I decide it is time to pamper myself with a little bit of luxury. I like to try out the spa services at some of the more luxury spas around town, usually just a massage but one of these days I will have to go for a body scrub or treatment. Or so I keep promising myself!
Today I tried out the 90 minute de-stressing massage at the Siripanna Resort out by the Gymkhana. I confess I haven’t made it out there in quite some time and found it quite busy. They offer a very popular lunch buffet so some might consider going for the spa treatment and then having lunch afterwards. I don’t know about others but I cannot have a massage after a big meal but after a massage a big meal and a nice glass of wine is certainly appealing!
I certainly felt de-stressed after the massage and got to thinking about the various styles. I do like to get a regular Thai massage but oftentimes find that the masseuse tries too hard to “fix” my overly tight shoulders and to break up the knots. I find that afterwards I am just as sore as if I had a strenuous workout. Not really relaxing, to be honest although a few days later I do feel better. But of course, the shoulder problem never really goes away.
Today’s massage was just the right combination of hard and gentle, I did feel relaxed and not in pain afterwards. Perhaps this is what you get for paying more for a massage. I’ve tried massages all over town, from the very cheap laying on a mat for a blind massage to the high end. So far I have not found the perfect massage. Today’s massage came close but she could have spent a little more time on the shoulders but not as much as others do! Perhaps I am too picky; perhaps there is no perfect massage.
But, I shall keep seeking out that perfect massage and can only hope that it isn’t the most expensive massage in town!

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Just a little pampering