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MAIL OPINION  By Shana Kongmun


Facebook activism

It’s a very popular thing to click like or to share a status on Facebook and feel that one has done something good. Whether it’s share a status for cancer victims or send a link to petition for a cause. However, how much effect can such non-action really have? Having lost a beloved mother to breast cancer I can assure you that she would have appreciated donations to organizations that help needy women cover the cost of their care, of the mastectomy bras and prosthesis more than a shared status on Facebook.
I can imagine that the simple act of clicking like “might” encourage someone else to do something but if that is all that is being accomplished by those who think they are doing good with a like or showing solidarity with a status well, then it’s probably pretty much of a failure. The general opinion is that 1% or less will actually do something.
So, instead of simply liking a post or sharing a status you can do something a bit more useful. For example, share a link to the Thai Red Cross to help with disasters; after you donated yourself. Share a status on breast cancer, after you have done something concrete to make a difference. Want to help the Burmese refugees? Join an organization that helps. It is up to the person to determine how and where they want their money or time to go to. Research on causes, organizations, what is needed and where it is best served won’t take up too much of your time but certainly quite a bit more than simply liking a page or sharing a status.
While the social media has played a role in the social changes taking place in many countries, most of what people do on Facebook is probably not making a difference at all.

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Facebook activism