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Mixology flirts with fusion and serves superb cocktails

By Christopher Sujarit
Is Chiang Mai the new Bangkok? Whether we like it or not, our Jewel of the North is becoming bougie before our eyes, or behind our backs. Will the laidback No- So’s (normal society) buy into gentrified goodies?
The newest addition to the glittery fare of Chiang Mai is “Mixology: Burgers and Bar” located in the middle of Arak Road on the west moat road. What Mixology lacks in actual food it more than makes up for in creative, entertaining, delicious cocktails. Big eaters be warned; big drinkers be excited.
Mixology serves all the standards, from a Bloody Mary to a Gin Tonic in glasses and carafes (choose the carafes). My eating partner Tracy and I started with a carafe of the Sangria and ended with a carafe of the Mojito. This ain’t your abuelitas Sangria- the Mixology Sangria is made from Shiraz, Blackcurrant liquor, Brandy, Apple Schnapps, and Orange Juice.
This was so tasty I almost don’t remember drinking it. They have a White Wine version which is made from Sav Blanc, Gin, Peach and Apple Schnapps, Snow Pear, Lemon and Apple. Next time, I’ll try a few of those. The Mojito was completely balanced between sweet, sour, and shmalcoholic. I have confidence that almost all the options on the cocktail menu are on point and up to international standards.
My skepticism kicks in with the burgers, and my stomach grumbles. Mixology serves one kind of burger: a Northern Thai spiced Pork Laarb (minced pork) patty between two Kao Niaew (sticky rice) buns. Gluten- intolerant people rejoice; burger lovers be disappointed. If you haven’t picked one up from 7-11 before, I recommend you try it! It’s a novelty; however, it not a replacement for a real burger.
The highlight of the meal were the Potato Skins; Mixology serves a variety of five; two small potatoes are halved, stuffed with goodness, and cooked perfectly golden brown. However, for two small potatoes, the price is a little steep (150THB). If you need a little nibble with your cocktails, this is the way to go.
My eating partner Tracy and I shared the Northern Thai Spaghetti and the Pork Curry; both tasty, but both in diet- sized portions. The Northern Thai Spaghetti was a small pile of rice noodles with a bowl of Pork Laarb. We expected entrees, but were served dishes closer to tapas.
Mixology is sexy and casual at the same time; exposed piping frames the beautifully re-invented cherry wood space. The bar is high-end with a vintage feel; your wine will be decanted and your martinis shaken. The bartenders, or dare we say mixologists, are top- notch and are artisans in their craft. I saw the bartender pour out a small sample of each drink to taste before he served. This is where Mixology shines- where love, style, alcohol, and quality control mix.
Also, there is a really cute, clean, and cuddly resident beagle. A dog and a carafe of designer sangria, what more do you need?
Mixology: https://www. ChiangmaiBurger. 61/6 Arak Road; 08-82613057, 083 070 6190. Open 11:00am- 12:00am (midnight)



After Halloween what should we do with all the Jack-o’-lanterns? All the pumpkins will be in trash bin after Halloween night, that’s quite sad. According to my subconscious that keeps telling me not to waste food, I suggest we cook it into a dessert. We’ll cook “Obb Nam Keaw” which is pumpkin cooked in coconut milk. Some might know Buat Nam Keaw which is almost the same but Obb needs bigger pieces of pumpkin with skin and will be a little bit saltier.
My village calls it Obb because Obb means cooking in a sealed or closed pot. It is the children’s favorite dessert to eat with sticky rice. In primary school I was very happy and kept looking forward to lunch if mom cooked Obb Nam Keaw for me.
Chop pumpkin into pieces about 3 inch. No need to remove skin because we will cook it for a while and the skin will be tender enough to eat. Then cook coconut milk, add sugar and some salt. Once the sugar melts, add pumpkin pieces and cover the pot with a lid for about 20 minutes.
That’s it! Easy and easy. Please remember not to add too much salt and sugar at first because when it is cooked for 20 minutes the coconut milk might boil dry so go easy with sugar because we can add more later. Small tip : eat with sticky rice. Mmmmm!

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