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Dear Readers,
My editor reported to me that recently a gentleman tried to contact me in regards to emails received by me from readers. These emails are anonymous and Emma would not divulge any information on the sender to anyone so my apologies if there was some unhappiness or misunderstanding in regards to this issue. Please understand that my readers’ personal privacy is paramount.

Mental Health Professionals
Dear Emma,
I am attempting to understand the mental health needs of the expat community in Chiang Mai. The best I can tell is there are very few English speaking professionals providing counseling.
Is this, based on your understanding, accurate?
I’ve been to Thailand and Chiang Mai many times, but now I’m looking much more closely at retiring there. I have worked in Bangkok and understand the work-permit process.
Thinking of retiring

Dear Retiring,
A few months ago there was a query regarding mental health professionals in Chiang Mai and several people emailed in with a few suggestions. So, yes very few would be an accurate description.
So, since you say you understand the work permit process then you certainly don’t need my advice but Emma would be irresponsible to not point out that a “retirement visa” is precisely just that; for retirement only. If you wish to work then you would need to have a non-B visa (or a non-O based on marriage if your wife or husband is Thai).
There is, Emma believes, a growing need for this in Chiang Mai, it has many foreigners living here now, many of them older or elderly and coping with change can be difficult and painful.
Best of luck in your new venture should you choose it!

My neighbor is hard of hearing
Dear Emma,
I live in a condo in the city and my next door neighbor is a lovely elderly man, very friendly and sweet but extremely hard of hearing. He turns the television on extremely loudly. During the day it is not a problem as I work but sometimes he cannot sleep and he turns it on in the middle of the night waking me up. Another time he turned it on very early in the morning interrupting my sleep.
So, I talked to him about it and he flatly denied that he had turned the television on at all! Finally, after some discussion he admitted that yes, it was his television but it was not loud. I am at a loss. I don’t want to create bad feelings but his TV is very loud! I can hear the dialogue in my room it is that loud. I don’t want to move because of this but it happens regularly enough that it is making my life a misery. What can I do?
Sleepless in Chiang Mai

Dear Sleepless,
Firstly please try talking to your neighbor again. He may not realize it is so loud. If he refuses to do anything about it then you will have to file a complaint with the management, I am afraid. Your sleep is more important than his need to watch television in the middle of the night.

Silly facebook requests
Dear Emma,
I am not a regular user of Facebook like many of my friends but I do like to read it to see what is happening in the lives of my friends and family. I live a rather quiet retired life so I do not have a lot to say other than what fish in my fish tank has died or that my dog caught a rat.
I do not mind the food photos that abound although I really do not care to see what someone has had for dinner. I do enjoy the photos of my grandchildren and those of my sister’s grandchildren and sometimes wish my children would put up a few more!
However, my major complaint has to be all the requests to play some silly game on Facebook. I didn’t grow up playing video games, I never had the time to waste on such foolishness. Now that I do have the time to waste on foolish games I have no interest in them. I also have no interest in the endless requests to play these games. I do not want to appear to be a grumpy old man but I am thinking of making a post on my Facebook telling people to not ask me to join these things. Would that be rude?
Grumpy Old Man

Dear Grumpy,
You can call Emma a grumpy old woman then because she finds the games annoying too. There is a simple way to hide the posts of your friends playing these games and to ensure the requests do not make it to your mail box. Firstly, you can click on the little box hovering over the post and hide all posts by Candy Crush or Farmville or whatever game is posted. Then go into your settings and click on notifications. You can see from there how to turn off the notifications. They will still show up in the sidebar I am afraid but click on the little “X” next to the notice and it will go away.
Facebook needs to offer an option to block all requests to play some games but I am sure they make money off of this in some way or another so that is most likely a pipe dream on Emma’s part to ever hope that it will go way.
Facebook is a wonderful tool for those of us who live far away from our loved ones but for many it has become an addiction and they relentlessly post every single aspect of their life; from the food they eat to what time they wake up to every little spat and argument they have online. They post deeply personal things on Facebook that probably should not be made public. Facebook has made everyone’s lives an open book and I think that its encouraged a sort of narcissism that makes people think every aspect of their lives is interesting to everyone and that everyone shares the same interests. Ergo, they love playing games on Facebook, surely you must love it too!