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Oyori Grill offers socially conscious dining

By Christopher Sujarit
Oyori Grill is an ultra- modern, comfortable restaurant nestled in a modern plaza surrounded by design firms and sleek café/bars. Their mission is to uplift women out of poverty by providing both vocational training and direct employment to marginalized individuals, especially migrant workers and sex workers seeking other kinds of employment. Furthermore, the food is all organic. Oyori is socially- conscious dining to the T.
So, how does the food taste?
My dinner companion and I had the Scallops with Green- Apple Mashed potatoes, Steak with Grilled Mushrooms (rare), and the Duck with Lentils and Carrots with Two Italian Sodas (free with a check- in on Facebook).
Green- apple mashed potatoes? YES! Cooking and eating are both adventures, and this dish was new, exciting, and lip- smackingly delicious. The subtle citrus perfectly accentuated the richness of the butter in the potatoes and the honey flesh of the scallops. The scallops were fresh and large, straight-from-the-fish market fare, and seared sweetly on both sides. Accompanying them were some greens and a light sprinkling of fried onions. This dish is a must!
The Steak with Grilled Mushrooms was scrumptious; however, it proved to be a tad chewy. My dining companion asked for rare and rare she received, and this may have something to do with the chewiness. Our suggestion is task for medium, so some of the fat marbling can melt. The meat is placed on top of a perfectly grilled and caramelized variety of mushrooms alongside from greens and mashed potatoes. We went to Oyori opening week, so this particular serving might have been a hiccup. They do advertise themselves as a steak restaurant, so we’ll give them another chance.
The Duck with Lentils was my favorite- everything about it was special, rustic, and brewing with flavor. A large, juicy cut of duck is presented in attractive medallions, with the skin on, framing the rosy flesh. Peking duck better watch its quack… this is a prime, gamey, dare I say healthier preparation. I don’t know particularly why, but this dish took my mind and mouth to the rolling hills of England, or Scotland… or maybe Wales. The carrots are obviously organic and straight from the ground- is there such a thing as heirloom carrots? Also, the lentils add an earthy yet bright- tasting round out to the whole dish. Applause for the Duck all around.
For lunch, Oyori has a fully- featured, organic salad bar from 11:00 to 17:00 everyday for only 130THB. Also, on Fridays and Saturdays they serve a Wine Buffet for 270THB between 5-7, and 350THB after that. They serve Italian Cab Savs and Cab Blancs (We made sure to ask). However, they may rotate their selection- call ahead and ask.
Other specials featured include Salmon with Radish and Soy, Rack of Lamb with Cumin and Carrots, Farm- raised Chicken with Corn, and Blue Langoustines. We’ll have to be come back to try some of these.
Environmentally- conscious food, Job Creation and Vocational Training. Scallops, Steak, and Duck. Feeling great comes in threes at Oyori Grill.
Oyori Grill is located down Sirimangkalajarn soi 11 in the design plaza. Hours are 11am to 10pm everyday. Phone: +66-53-213-175. Facebook:


RECIPES BY NOI: Okk Phu / Ong Phu (Grilled crab roe in crab shell)

This recipe is going to be a little bit touch as we will have to deal with crabs; a lot of them and they are alive! Crabs are a major problem for farmers, alongside the golden apple snail, climate change environmental problems, middlemen, dishonest governments, corruption etc!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The good Noi sitting on my shoulder just gave me a rap on the head and a cold look to remind me to write about food and not politics! I know if I go too far the bad Noi sitting in black on the other shoulder will take over!
So, I quietly turn and walk back to the rice field and keep looking for crabs!
We must have live crabs and a lot of them. This might sound like it’s a problem but it is not. The difficult part is actually opening the crab shell; take the top half in one hand and the bottom half in the other and pull them apart like you would an Oreo cookie. But no twisting as you don’t want to cut your hands on the sharp shell.
Use a spoon to pick out the roe. When we have enough roe just add a little bit of salt to it. Choose a nice looking crab shell to take all the collected roe and fill it with the roe. Then grill on a low fire and eat with sticky rice.
Do you want to try this dish but it is too difficult to cook or you don’t have enough live crabs? Okk Phu is available at Kad Luang but they add eggs, flour and food coloring!

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