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Flip Flop Shoes – Foot health in focus

By Lee Roy Webster
According to the Podology Center foot health problems are still a major problem in Thailand as Thai people believe the foot is the lowest part of the body they do not take care of their feet. This belief has been copied by many expatriates who only care for their feet when they start to have pain.
Many painful foot problems are caused by wearing flip flops the Podology Center has learned and have started a campaign to convince people to wear other shoes as flip flops offer no protection on roads or during the rainy season from fungus and dirty water.
Also, according to the Podology Center, ingrown toenails are often responsible for ingrown toenails, the Hallux Valgus or Bunion foot deformity, Plantar fasciitis, flat foot, corns, foreign bodies in the feet, Neuropathy (feeling problems), and hard skin, callus as well as cracked heels. Flip flop wearers may also spread fungus and other foot diseases when stepping into a puddle of water, releasing the fungus into the water, the Podology Center believes.
If it is really necessary to wear open shoes, the Podology Center advices to wear those, which have no “band” between the first and second toe; this makes the whole body weight move to two toes and the whole walking is changed.
Many people also believe that going barefoot is healthy however, the opposite is the case. If a person must wear open shoes it is advised to at least wear socks to help prevent some of the problems and infections that can occur after bumps, scratches and foreign bodies.

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Flip Flop Shoes – Foot health in focus