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Bridge in Paradise: by Neil Robinson

This hand comes from a Contract Bridge League of Thailand (CBLT) teams event. Plan how you might bid each of the hands with your favourite partner. Most bridge players, myself included, do not use cue bids often enough. The reported bidding makes full use of such bids. North dealt and N-S were vulnerable:

The bidding certainly needs some explanation! West’s 2D bid is a Michaels cue bid showing at least five cards in each major. North’s 2S is a cue bid (North cannot want to play in spades, knowing West has five). It shows a close to opening hand and support for South’s suit, diamonds. East doubles to show spade support. South bids his second suit and West bids 4H to show a good hand with more hearts than spades and offer East a choice. North cue bids spades again, to show a stopper or shortage. 5H by South shows a stopper or shortage in hearts and asks North to pick a slam. 5S by North says either slam (6C or 6D) is OK by me. South chooses 6C. West then sacrifices in 6H (and did not even get doubled). I count no fewer than five cue bids in the bidding of just this one hand, including three by North!
West made an excellent sacrifice, even if it had been doubled. 6H goes down only two, losing one club, one diamond and the ace of spades. N-S are cold for 6C, losing only a heart (the losing spade from dummy goes away on the long diamond).
I would like to hear from readers about their favourite hands—please do contact me at [email protected] Bridge Club of Chiang Mai welcomes all players. We have members from seventeen different countries already. For information on the Club go to the web site

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Bridge in Paradise