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Life in Chiang Mai


Shopping centres galore!

By Heather Allen

Well I wish I could say that Chiang Mai is turning into a shopper’s heaven and in some ways it is as each shopping centre that has sprung up so far offers something unique from the others but more often than not they all have the same shops.

I love the Rimping supermarket at the Promenada Mall and they do have some unique shops (that Japanese beauty products store is great fun for us women) and a few good shoe stores. One thing that they could do well would be to offer local designers a venue to offer their clothes and other designs. A really high end furniture store would also be good.

I like Central Festival in that it has a Marks & Spencer’s, always useful for those of us who are not a size 2. The Payless Shoes there is also good for those shoes of all sizes (up to size 11 U.S. for women). But, it is very large and I get tired after a floor or two. Perhaps it is one of those places that requires more time.

Finally, there is this new shopping center opening up at the Rincome intersection, it looks interesting but I am still at a loss as to what shops will be in there. Another Rimping, which is great for people on the West side of town, a giant movie theatre I understand. But what else I am not yet sure. I am hoping it is not all the usual high street shops that can be found in Chiang Mai and will have something new and different.

That is the problem with many of the shopping centres here, they seem to have much of the same. Chiang Mai is such a wonderfully unique place, it would be wonderful if the shopping malls also had some wonderfully unique products too.

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Shopping centres galore!