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Annoying Facebook games
Dear Emma,
I used to be a regular user of Facebook, I enjoyed seeing photos of my friends and family back home, keeping in touch with their lives and with those people I have met on my travels. However, lately, I find myself uninterested in Facebook as more and more people seem to forget what makes it unique and interesting and post inane and boring comments. The latest is a “game” where someone posts something ridiculous, bringing a comment from a friend. That friend is then sent a message that they “must” repost something equally inane and ridiculous from a list of statuses given.
On more than one occasion I have refused to play this “game”. It is silly, demeaning and pointless. I have no interest in these things. Honestly, these silly things and the move away from interesting posts to inanity has made Facebook far less appealing.
I think I will be taking a break from Facebook for a while now. I don’t expect that things will get better while I am away but perhaps I will find it all less annoying when I return.
Fed up with foolishness

Dear Fed up,
Emma understands your feelings, she too finds these re-posts silly. But it is simply silliness and doesn’t make the rest of the benefits of the system any less. Emma simply ignores the silliness and tries to focus on the interesting. Like most things in life, one is often surrounded by silliness that one can do nothing about. It is easier on one’s blood pressure to simply let it slide right on by.

How do I get my ex-girlfriend out of my house?
Dear Emma,
I have found myself in the same position as many it would seem, my Thai girlfriend refuses to leave my rented house. Short of moving out, I am not sure what to do. She gets near violence when I try to talk to her about leaving and she is making my life miserable with her screaming and arguing. We have not been together very long, about a year, so I can’t understand why she thinks she is “owed” anything. We never married, we never even discussed it.
I can tell you one thing, Emma, that is the last time I have a girl move in with me!
Stuck with ex

Dear Stuck,
Emma is a little unclear as to why there is an issue. Your name is on the lease, she presumes, the landlord rents to you. Tell the girl to leave. She obviously sees some kind of hesitation in you and thinks to exploit your weakness. If need be, simply pack her things, leave it out front and change the locks. If you live in a security estate tell the guards she is no longer welcome in the mooban. If you live in a condo, do the same with the security guards at the front door.
If this is more confrontation than you are willing to cope with then you will need to hand in your notice and move out of your home. Make sure the landlord realizes the issue and offer to pay to change the locks so that the next tenant does not find him or herself with a sudden houseguest.
However, Emma always finds herself rather amazed at these stories and how you manage to find yourself unable to come up with such a simple solution. As her American friend puts it, “Man up”.

Annoying know it all in coffee shop
Dear Emma,
I was recently in a coffee shop and was forced to listen to the trumpeting voice of a particularly obnoxious American man who “knew it all”. Rather than be accused of anti-American bias, let me first make it clear that he said he was American. I couldn’t miss it; in fact, nobody in the what had been a peaceful coffee shop prior to his arrival could miss it.
He was so busy congratulating himself on his extensive knowledge and superior skills with Thai people that he not only refused to allow his companion a word in edgeways but also failed to notice that his loud voice and obnoxious manners drove out a majority of the Thai patrons as well.
This man even had to temerity to announce, “I have been here ten years and seen it all.” Well, that is certainly quite a pronouncement from a man who could barely order his food in Thai, much less hold a conversation.
I, too, fled the coffee-shop, I felt quite bad for the long suffering owner as this man had also made it clear that it was his favourite shop and that he visited it regularly. Well, although the coffee was good, the coffee-shop pleasant and the owner seemed to be a very nice man, this will be the last time I visit this particular coffee-shop. The man was more obnoxiousness in one place than my sanity could tolerate.
Seeking peace and quiet

Dear Quiet,
Yes unfortunately, every once in a while people such as these invade our personal spaces and destroy a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. As you noted, although this man was American they do not have a monopoly on the behavior. Be grateful he didn’t start up expounding on his experience as a trained Navy SEAL or some such nonsense.
Emma has a similar problem, although this one is not due to any arrogance on the part of the perpetrator. My favorite coffee shop is often invaded by a young local couple with their toddler. The child is certainly adorable and the staff delights in teasing and playing with the child. Unfortunately, their idea of playing with the child is to encourage it to scream at the top of her tiny little lungs. Whilst many Thai people seem to be able to overlook this high pitched screech, Emma is afraid she has not been able to learn the ability to shut this sound out. Its reminiscent of fingernails on a chalkboard.
Whenever I see the couple enter, I gather my things, pay my bill and leave. I like this shop and like the owner and can overlook the occasional inconvenience. Emma suggests you do the same and not allow this annoying person to control your life and your choices.