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Panayaden School holds annual open house fair

Highlight a dhamma talk by Ajahn Jayasaro

Staff and students greet Ajahn Jayasaro before the dhamma talk.

By Shana Kongmun
Panyaden School held their annual Open House Fair on January 25, 2014 with many fun activities for parents, students and prospective students as well as a dhamma talk in both English and Thai by the Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro.
The school offered such learning activities as hand weaving lessons for kids, gardening and storytelling. Each year the students put on their own plays with costumes they make and their own stories. The shows give the students a chance to give free rein to their creativity and give the parents a chance to enjoy their children’s performances.
This was followed by the hour long bi-lingual dhamma talk by Ajahn Jayasaro followed by questions and answers from parents and staff. Ajahn Jayasaro is a well-known supporter of the school and its founders, helping them in ensuring the school retains the Buddhist principles it was founded on. Ajahn Jayasaro was a student of Chao Khun Bodhinyana Thera or Ajahn Cha, a founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition and instrumental in establishing Theravada Buddhism in the West.
Finally, everyone gathered for the school market and food with crafts and snacks created by students as well as food offered by the school.
The open house fair is a great opportunity to visit the school and enjoy the award winning architecture and creative educational atmosphere. (Photos courtesy of Panyaden School)

Kids enjoyed expressing their creativity with artwork at the fair.

Students took part in weaving and gardening activities at the Open House Fair.

Prem Grade 4 students - Exploring Forces and Motion

Prem Grade 4 students took to the ice rink at Central Festival Chiang Mai to learn about forces such as gravity and friction first hand.

By Courtney Harden
As part of the IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) curriculum at Prem Tinsulanonda International School, this year’s Grade 4 class discovered that learning can be both educational and fun! Their new unit of enquiry How the World Works, involved students inquiring about forces and motion found in everyday life. Students looked at forces such as gravity and friction. They then took their newfound knowledge to the “Sub-Zero” ice skate park located at Central Festival Chiang Mai.

Student meet for a group photo before their skating experience.

Prior to skating, the class discussed friction and how we use it to ice skate. Students also made predictions about how far objects of different masses would travel in a low friction environment. After testing and discussing our findings, students were excited to begin skating!
For many students, this was their first time ice-skating. At first, many were clinging desperately to the walls of the rink. Later, risk-takers emerged and tried to let go of the wall and attempt to skate on their own.

Sermsuk Company donates blankets to 3 schools in Mae Rim

Sermsuk Public Company Limited led by Prangnee Chaipidej (mid - upper row), Marketing - Communication Assistant Director of Sermsuk Public Company Limited along with sales team in Chiang Mai donated 400 blankets, football equipment, teddy bears and drinks to Hmong and Tai Yai students at 3 schools. The students at Ban Buak Chan School, Ban Kong Ha School and Chao Pho Luang Upphatham 7 School in Pong Yang sub district, Mae Rim district. The donation is part of a project to help victims of cold weather from the Thai Beverage Public Company Limited to create the smiles for teachers and students.

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Panayaden School holds annual open house fair

Prem Grade 4 students - Exploring Forces and Motion

Sermsuk Company donates blankets to 3 schools in Mae Rim