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It is starting to warm up

By Heather Allen

The weather is turning warmer after a rather long cold season. Normally I scoff at the term “Winter” but this did actually feel rather wintery! We all commiserated in our cold condos and homes, discussed ways to keep warm, wear to buy thermal underwear and warm jumpers, even small electric heaters. I told myself in December that it was surely not going to last too long and I could just suffer through it without needing the extra expense. I have warm clothing back in my home country and thought I could simply wait it out and bring a few back with me for the next cold season. Then it got cold again in January and I broke down and bought long sleeve shirts at Uniglo and jumpers at the Import 71 shop on Canal Road. Purchases I did not regret making as it stayed cold throughout January too.
It is now warming up and it seems that will be the trend until it gets truly hot in March and April. Already, I have friends who have forgotten complaining to me about having to bundle up against the color telling me that now they miss the cold. It is rather tempting to remind them of their previous complaints but I bite my tongue and simply smile through the pain.
However, I must say I join many other voices in concern over the extended cold dry season and now a long hot season for our smoke prospects. I fear this year will be a very bad year. Perhaps we will get lucky and have unseasonal rain, but somehow I doubt it.
I am already planning a trip out of the North for March, last year I suffered through it for the entire month and regretted it. To get out and breathe relatively clean air, even if only for a week or so, really helps. It is quite sad that we have to leave our beautiful city to find clean air every year.
Perhaps we should take our cues from cultures that do rain dances, or shoot rockets into the air, to bring the rain. Start dancing everyone!

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It is starting to warm up