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The Duke’s More than burgers and pizza

The beef dip is a generous sandwich with a delicious au jus.

By Shana Kongmun
I have to confess, The Duke’s is my “go to” place for burgers. Every once in a while I am desperate for a burger and sometimes I go eat at one of the restaurants and when I feel lazy or am working late I get it delivered. I haven’t actually tried much of anything else because I always eat one of the burgers. However, I had visitors in town and they were craving a pizza so we hit the Duke’s at Promenada.

The pulled pork sliders are tender and not too big.

This is a lovely restaurant, with huge glass windows, comfortable seats and a gorgeous bar. We had lunch so I didn’t go for the selection of cocktails but it looked pretty comprehensive, perhaps next time I am there I will give one a try. The Duke’s also has American craft beer which was also tempting but a drink at lunch often means an unproductive sleepy afternoon so, instead I went for the lemonade. I had to explain to my friends that this not the same thing as lime juice. In the U.S. lemonade is not Sprite like it is in the U.K. but lemon juice and sugar water. Not too tart but also not too sweet, it’s a refreshing drink on these hot days of late.
We ordered the medium pizza not realizing it is huge. Remember, I eat the burgers so had no real experience with the pizza. It was cheesy with a really nice crispy crust like a pizza should have, not soggy in the middle like happens sometimes in Thailand.
I ordered the beef dip, I’ve always heard this dish called the French Dip, its roast beef, sweet grilled peppers in a French roll with au jus in which to dip the sandwich. The beef was generous and cooked just right, the au jus was good and not greasy, sometimes you get oil floating on the top of the au jus but not here. And of course, the fabulous dill pickle slice that the Duke’s is famous for. The sandwich came with home fries and would have been a meal in itself, but I tried my friend’s pulled pork sliders which were very tasty, three small little buns with tender pulled pork in a sauce with lots of grilled onions inside. This also came with home fries. We ended up taking half the pizza home for later, nothing beats cold pizza!

RECIPES BY NOI: Eggplant Salad or Sah Makue

Sah Makue (Eggplant salad) Sah is the word for salad in northern Thai (as a noun it means salad and as a verb it means to make the salad) We can Sah both meat and vegetables. Sah meat is a little bit scary because it needs fresh blood and most people eat it raw. I like to eat Sah beef but for me it must be cooked.
Sah Makua has less blood, well actually there will be no blood unless we cut our fingers during cutting eggplants. The recipe is quite detailed because we need a lot of ingredients plus special preparations to make the eggplant for the salad.
You need: Makua Jae (small rounded yellow eggplants), boiled pork skin, dry chili powder, chopped coriander, Thai parsley, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, galangal and cooked plara (fermented fish). The eggplants need to be sliced and soaked in salt water for half an hour and then put them in a white thin cloth to squeeze the bitter taste out of it before cooking. We might need to give the eggplants a bit of a massage and squeeze them over and over again a few times, this makes sure it won’t harm our throat and tongue.
Now that we have all ingredients we need and the eggplant is ready, just mix them all together. Some people like to add Nam Phu (crab paste) which for me has too strong of a taste.

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