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Pay it forward

By Heather Allen
A friend of mine recently shared a Thai television commercial on her Facebook page and while yes, it was an advertisement and for life insurance (I think) it was one of the nicest advertisements I have seen in some time.
It’s the story of a rather poor, hardworking young man who treats everyone around him with kindness. He gives money to the dirt covered little beggar girl, even though it is the last money in his wallet, shares his chicken with the stray dog at the stall, leaving bananas on the door of the old lady next door and helps another little old lady with her cart selling snacks.
The narrator then asks, this man will never be rich so what does he get out of it? And the answer? Emotions. He gets love and kindness in return. The story ends with the little beggar girl showing up in her school uniform thanks to his help, the dog moving in and giving the unconditional love that dogs give so well, the neighbor lady giving him a hug and the friendship and love from the lady with the cart.
All through this onlookers shake their heads at his generosity and kindness, as if he is a fool, but then when they see the rewards he receives, that they too become transformed. There was a film with a similar theme from around 2000. The movie centers around a young boy who attempts to make the world a better place by paying off a kind deed, not by paying it back but by paying it forward, helping a random person just to make their day better.
A pretty good idea, I think and one I do try to follow, even if it is simply holding the door open for another person or helping someone with their bags. There are so many small things we can do that show consideration for others and these are the very things that often get overlooked or forgotten in our own dash to get our things done. How important is it that you cannot give way for 30 seconds or help someone for a minute? Unlikely to be as important as you think it is. So, take the time to do something nice to others and pay it forward.

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Pay it forward