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Vol. XIII No.9 - Sunday May 4, 2014 - Saturday May 17, 2014

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Update by Saichon Paewsoongnern



Thinking of investigating my girlfriend

Dear Emma,

I work overseas for weeks at a time and spend my off time in Chiang Mai. I met a girl I really like and we share a house together but when I come home it feels strange and I have found things there that don’t belong to me, men’s things. Nothing obvious like underwear but still, it makes me wonder. She claims her nephew comes to stay with her when I am away as she is scared to be alone in the house but I find that hard to believe. I am thinking of hiring someone to check on her while I am away and to see if the person staying in our house is really her 15 year old nephew.

Tell me I am wrong here, Emma and I will reconsider but I have read and heard far too many stories about unfaithful girlfriends and wives introducing their Thai boyfriend as their brother to not feel suspicious.

Suspicious mind

Dear Suspicious,

While yes these stories are true and it is something to consider it is also important that Thai people generally do not feel comfortable alone and women feel less comfortable living alone in the country. A good friend of mine had her mother-in-law show up on her doorstep with her bag packed for the week when her husband went on business to Bangkok. She had not asked her to come and did not expect it but neither did she ask her to leave. She told me later that it was quite normal for a relative to come stay with a woman when her husband was away.

So, before hiring an investigator perhaps ask to meet the nephew first. If she hems and haws and delays then consider hiring the investigator but be aware that if you are already that suspicious then the relationship is probably not going to be successful. Something to consider sooner rather than later.




Dear Emma,

I live in a small village on the outskirts of Chiang Mai and it seems to me that my neighbors have very little to do except gossip about each other. Since I have moved in I have also become a topic of interest to the bored housewives in my village. I am a single man and do not have a Thai girlfriend and that seems to bother them to no end. I don’t dare bring any woman home for I know it will only fuel their passion for talk. I moved here thinking it would be quiet and peaceful, and while it mostly is (a few crowing roosters aside), the incessant nosiness of my neighbors is making me re-think this village. Is this normal in Thailand? Is there somewhere to avoid gossips?


Not a gossip

Dear Gossip,

Welcome to village life. It does not matter one jot what country you may live in, if you live in a small village there will be gossip. Even if you live in a large town or city there will still be opportunities for gossip. Emma lives in the city and whilst it’s mainly mostly anonymous in the city, the security guards at the condo enjoy gossiping about the residents. It is a fact of life, not just in Thailand but human nature, Emma believes. Certainly there are individuals who abhor gossip but there are also individuals who love it and Emma does not believe it is a purely cultural trait.

So, you can certainly move to another small village but you will encounter the same behaviors there as you do now. You have to decide to not let it annoy you and to just smile and get on with your life and not care what the gossips have to say. Or you can care and let it rule your life, it is your choice how you want to cope with this issue.



Bicycle repair and parts?

Dear Emma,

My friend left town and gave me her rather beaten up mountain bike. I intend on riding it but it needs a lot of work. The seat is easily replaced as I found one at Tesco Khamtieng but the rest of it is a mess. It needs new tires, it needs the gears oiled. In short, it needs a bicycle repair shop. However, being new to this I am really not sure where to go with this bike to get it fixed. Do you or any of the readers here have any suggestions? I don’t need to buy a new one, the bike is quite good, I just want it to be safe.



Dear Cyclist,

There are only a couple around that Emma knows of, Jacky bike is one – I believe it is on Nimmanhaemin, Song Bicycle on the moat has parts, they may be able to help you with repairs as well. I understand that there are some shops on Chang Moi that sell parts but Emma is uncertain if they repair cycles as well. It certainly never hurts to ask if you are in the neighborhood. Other than that, I do now know, perhaps some of our cyclist friends in Chiang Mai may have some notion.



My girlfriend does not like my dog

Dear Emma,

I have a wonderful dog I rescued from the streets several years ago. She is friendly and loving and a wonderful guard dog as well as companion. She is not aggressive in any way but is protective of me. She likes my girlfriend well enough and is friendly to her but my girlfriend does not like her. She thinks my dog is too common, having been a street dog and that I should get rid of her and get something cuter and smaller.

I really cannot believe that she said that to me, she knows how attached I am to my dog. Is she really so uncaring as to think I should just dump this dog that I have spent so much time to nurture and take care of? What should I do?


Dog lover

Dear Dog lover,

You might want to remind your girlfriend of the love His Majesty the King has for Thai dogs and how he adopted some for himself. Alternatively, dump the shallow girlfriend who clearly does not see dogs as members of the family but as fashion accessories and find a girlfriend who loves dogs as much as you do. She doesn’t sound like much of a keeper to Emma.





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