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The heat is keeping everyone inside

By Heather Allen
It is hot and it is dry, I know there are some localized thunderstorms but apparently that does little to alleviate the drought conditions. I recall reading that the 27th of April was supposed to be the hottest day of the year, I am not sure if it was or not but it was certainly very hot.
It certainly gives each one of us something to converse about on a day to day basis! We walk into the shops and sigh in pleasure at the cool breeze of aircon and then smile knowingly at someone in the shop who is also enjoying the cool air. In an attempt to avoid sky high electric bills from having the aircon on all the time we all head to the malls and coffee shops.
However, in our bid to avoid the heat perhaps we are avoiding other things as well, concerts and shows, wilting in the heat does not mean we have to see our cultural events wilt as well. The arts are a vital part of Chiang Mai society and even though many of us have departed for cooler climes to avoid the heat those of us who remain should ensure we fill in the gaps.
The temptation to stay at home in our air-conditioned comfort and watch TV or sit in air-conditioned comfort in the movie theatres is strong. However, we should make sure we support our local artists and venues as well, for without us in the low season, they may not have many customers at all.
So, for those of us remaining in Chiang Mai, do not be afraid to perspire a little! Get out, have some fun and support your favourite venues and events so that they are there for you to enjoy in the high season as well.

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The heat is keeping everyone inside