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Bridge in Paradise: by Neil Robinson

Here is an interesting hand from the Brighton Pairs in England, which illustrates the importance of the opening bid. It was reported by Andrew Robson. E-W were vulnerable and West dealt. Take a look at the hands and decide who was declarer and at what level.

The bidding at Table One was as below. West opened a forcing (but rather weak!) 2C, counting the hand for eight or nine tricks, and hoping to keep the opponents out of the bidding. East’s two diamond bid showed up to seven points. West went to game over South’s 2S overcall and East went to five hearts over North’s 4S. Having pushed the opponents to the five level, N-S passed. Five hearts by West was easy. The sole trump was pulled in one round and the hand then cross ruffed. The only losers were the aces of diamonds and clubs. E-W +650.

The bidding at Table Two was very different, see below. West opened one heart. North’s two no trump bid showed at least five-five in the minors. South’s 3S bid, in the face of a partner bidding length in the minors, showed length and strength in that suit. West tried to shut out the opponents from further bidding by going to slam, but it was too late—North pushed on. West competed further, not wanting to defend with such a hand, but South continued. Not unreasonably, East doubled, holding four spades to the queen and with a partner who opened the bidding. So the final contract was 7S doubled by South.

West, sure that the ace of hearts would be ruffed, led the king of diamonds, taken on board with the ace. South, listening to the bidding, decided West was probably very short in spades and took a first round finesse in trumps, winning with the ten in hand. The seven of hearts was ruffed on board and the trump finesse repeated. East’s remaining trumps were pulled with the ace and king. Then five rounds of clubs allowed South to throw losing diamonds. Doubled grand slam made for +1770 for N-S. Quite a swing (2420 points) between the two tables!
I would like to hear from readers about their favourite hands—please do contact me at [email protected] Bridge Club of Chiang Mai welcomes all players. We have members from seventeen different countries already. For information on the Club go to the web site

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Bridge in Paradise