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Steak of the Day in Mae Rim

By Heather Allen
I confess I rarely make it outside of the city when dining out so when friends invited me to join them in Mae Rim at Steak of the Day for dinner one evening I did so with some trepidation. It is true, the road to Mae Rim is horrific. However, Steak of the Day is just off the main road at the turn to the Four Seasons in a shopping mall so it is possible to bypass the awfulness that is the area around Canal Road and use the Samoeng road to avoid it if you are coming from somewhere else. I took Canal, and struggled through the construction for a while and I must say, Steak of the Day made it all worthwhile.

The chef/owner used to work at the Four Seasons and it shows. I, of course, had the steak. He has a few different cuts and some sauces but the main focus for me, was, of course the steak. I am rather fussy about how I like it cooked. I do like it medium rare, not too rare but not too cooked either. It is also difficult to find really quality steak that is not outrageously expensive. I realize that this is Thailand after all, and that top quality meat is usually imported but there seems to be a mindset with some steak places that since they are serving steak with it must come the associated trappings of cost as well.
Steak of the Day is unpretentious. If you saw it from the outside you wouldn’t think to yourself, this place has fabulous food. But you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t stop in. And order a steak. I had the New Zealand tenderloin. It was cooked to perfection, with a fabulous peppercorn sauce and mashed potatoes. Ray, the chef, also does a delicious lamb shank according to my friend who had that. For dessert I had a delicious chocolate mousse. We brought our own wine and I do not believe we were charged corkage.
There are some pasta dishes and salads, desserts, fish and chips, and a few others. The menu is not huge but each dish is quality, there is the steak of the day on the board (hence the name) so you may get something different when you go. The restaurant is open air and quite casual, the owner and his wife Nui friendly and the food delicious. The prices quite reasonable (I think I paid around 500- 600 baht for my steak dinner).
This is a great place for a casual dinner with a group of friends. Apparently there are some decent vegetarian choices on the menu but we were all meat eaters. The owners are opening a breakfast place across the way which, given their attention to detail with the food at Steak of the Day, promises to be excellent as well. They are closed Sundays and open for lunch and dinner, located in Mae Rim Plaza. 081 256 7292.

RECIPES BY NOI: Kaopan; family fast food

In our last recipe we talked a tiny bit about Kaopan and we know that it looks similar to Japanese rice balls or Onigiri.
To me it’s like fast food because we can add anything in it and it’s so transportable for the kids. Many times my parents had friends come to visit during dinner (it’s really normal to discuss business during dinner time in my village), they might come from another village and bring their children with them.
Having dinner and discussing business at the same time is already quite exhausting so dealing with their children and talking business would be too much to handle. Kaopan is the hero in this case; what we need is just sticky rice and then flatten it about 1cm thick about the size of the palm of your hand. Then add whatever food we have at that time such as meat from curry or soup, deep fried / grilled/ boiled meat, boiled egg, sausages etc. Even fruits such as tamarind and mango. sweet potato both grilled or steamed can be yummy in Kaopan too. Oh! any kind of chili paste such as Nam Prik Ta Dang, Nam Prik Noom, Nam Prik Nam Phu, Nam Prik Ong (we have given recipes for all of these different kinds of Nam Prik in previous recipes) Then wrap it into a spring roll shape. With this shape the children can hold it in their hand and eat while playing outside with their friends.
My favorite is Kaopan is with steamed wasp larvae, add a little bit salt. Mmmm!
As we know we can make many different kind of Kaopan, maybe you can create yours with any ingredient. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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