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Alcohol free weekends

By Heather Allen
I am not Buddhist, nor am I Christian, Muslim or any other particular religion so as far as I am concerned, the alcohol free days for Asarnha Bucha Day and Khao Phansa have no effect on my life or the choices I make. I may have a drink, I probably won’t since I do not drink every day and it is not key to my life.
Whilst I am not Buddhist I also respect the cultures and traditions of my place of residence and would not insist that I should be able to have a drink outside. Nor would I complain because there were two entire days in this month when I could not buy a bottle of wine. I do not see the reason for the endless complaining by some of the expats who live here because of this rule. Simply buy your alcohol before the restrictions are in place and enjoy it whilst having dinner or chatting with a friend in the privacy of your own home. If you really drink so much that you cannot stock in enough alcohol for two days then perhaps you would be better off checking the community happenings calendar on pages 10 and 11 for AA instead.
I can live without a drink, I can have one at home if I wish. It does not affect anyone around me either way. What does affect me is the endless complaining by people who have chosen to move here and chosen to make this their home about something that really should not be an inconvenience at all.
I have a dear friend from Texas who informs me that in many places there are no alcohol sales on Sundays. She has also told me that there are some “dry counties”, that is a county where no alcohol is sold at all. Imagine the stress some of my neighbors would feel from such a restriction! Four days out of every month when alcohol is not available! Even worse, imagine having to drive to some distant location just to buy alcohol. Of course, they do not live in these places and so do not have to worry about their laws. Perhaps they should do the same here if they find the laws so onerous since most of us really are very tired of listening to the endless complaints.

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Alcohol free weekends